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Play For the Win With MOOCs

Play For the Win With MOOCs


Play For the Win With MOOCs

Stand out from the rest, advance your career, or learn a fun new skill with MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses, offered by top universities free of cost.

Whether you are an average college student hunting for internships, a fresher looking for your dream job or a professional working towards your next promotion, MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses are the next big thing you need to know of and now!

What are MOOCs?

MOOCs are university-level courses that one can undertake independently online. Unlike online tutoring, these courses move beyond videos to include assessments, engaging discussions as well as expert feedback. If you are still not convinced, these courses are offered by the best universities of the world and are free of cost!

Some of the most popular platforms to enroll in a MOOC include EdX, Coursera, Yale Open Courses and Stanford Online.

Why opt for one?

If you have ever appeared for an interview, you know that degrees don’t always matter much, especially in contemporary fields such as digital media, sales or even PR. What matters are the skills you bring to the table and MOOCs precisely help you with this. MOOCs don’t always end up with a formal degree.

It is quite likely that you will drop out before completion. Still, these courses are an excellent way to enrich your profile, not just professionally but also personally. Even if it doesn’t reflect on your resume, the skills you acquire are sure to turn you into an asset for your organization.

With MOOCs fast gaining popularity in India, here are a few recommendations that will be of a great help to anyone looking for fresh perspectives not just at work but also in life.

Personal Financial Planning

Now, who doesn’t need this? More than 90% of us are broke halfway through the month and the idea of investment is a distant dream. No wonder Personal Financial Planning is quite a sought-after course. It guides you towards making smart use of your money and planning your investments, insurance as well as retirement. It is offered free of cost by Purdue University through edX.

Enroll here.

Learn a new language

Knowing a foreign language opens up a range of possibilities in today’s times. You could teach in schools, translate and even work in embassies.

At edX, you can enroll in a beginner level or an intermediate course in popular languages like French, Chinese or Spanish. Enroll in a French language course here, or a Spanish course here

Introduction to People Management

Teamwork is the key to success in the corporate world. As you progress, you will have more people working under you. Whether you are a team leader or a manager, this course in people management will help you become an ideal leader who can inspire others to deliver their best. This course is offered in Hindi as well as English on edX.

Enroll here

Islam through its scriptures

This is a personal favorite. In times when Islamophobia is quite visibly causing unrest in most parts of the world, you will be doing a huge favor to yourself as well as the people around you by learning about the Quran and its interpretations.This course is offered by none other than the Harvard University via edX.

Enroll here

A life of happiness and fulfillment

Being happy becomes quite difficult once you enter the fast-paced corporate world. Despite having everything, we often go through an existential crisis. This course, offered by Coursera will help you instill positivity in all walks of life and motivate you to strive for the best.

Enroll here

What’s the verdict? 

Srisharan Shreedharan shares his experience of MOOCs, on Quora. Talking about the Coursera-class, Programming in Python, offered by Rice University, he writes, “This course was very interactive and as identical to a classroom setting as possible. I have learnt about Python, from scratch, and now have enough knowledge to create small games and interactive programmes.”

Byrant Nielson, a corporate expert in training and talent management explains how MOOCs help create and enhance the corporate culture: “MOOCs offer a unique and powerful way to implement corporate culture training . . . employees can learn and practice desired behaviors, and activities can be designed to promote teamwork . . .”

Whether or not you’re looking to brush up your CV and corporate skills, there’s no denying that MOOCs are a fun, productive (and, best of all, free!) way to spend your time.





Priyanka is an ambivert who writes to understand life. Coloring outside the lines since forever, she lives in books and dreams, frequently visiting reality to eat!



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