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Travel For A Cause: 7 Volunteer Opportunities



Travel For A Cause: 7 Volunteer Opportunities

Lend a helping hand while you holiday this season

Have you ever thought about doing something good for someone, but just don’t find the time and opportunity for it? If you don’t have time to offer your help on regular working days, consider volunteering while you’re on holiday.

‘Voluntourism’ is not a new concept–people around the world plan their travels around voluntary work for charitable organisations. There are a number of opportunities all over India where you can experience the joy of giving while also exploring a new destination.

Here are some exciting volunteering projects across India that you could be part of:

1. Jamyang Foundation, Zanskar & Spiti

The great trans-Himalayas of Spiti and Kinnaur call you out to work with them. At the Jamyang Foundation you will teach the nuns, living in monasteries at Kinnaur, Spiti and Zanskar, a lot of varied subjects including art, geography and most importantly, Hindi, which these nuns are eager to master. Watch the star trail amid the barren mountains of Spiti, a rare sight for a person living in the cities, and enjoy every bit of serving people.

2. Volunteering Goa, Goa

Volunteering Goa is an organisation working towards the betterment of orphans and also providing animal care during monsoons. The perks, you ask? You’ll be working amid sand and sea and when you are off work, there’s no other place you’d rather like being in than Goa!

3. International Volunteer HQ, Dharamshala

If you love rains and want to serve some really kind people, you must look forward to volunteering with International Volunteer HQ in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The volunteering option is available throughout the year. This organisation works primarily for the upliftment of the Tibetan community which entered India as a group of refugees.

4. 17,000ft, Ladakh

While taking in the stunning landscapes of Ladakh you could also lend a helping hand and do your bit to give back. 17,000ft is an organisation working towards improving the life of the people living in rural Ladakh. They conduct teaching workshops where you can volunteer to help children learn about art, science and more.

5. Rainbow Voluntours, Kerala

Consider volunteering when exploring the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. You can sign up with Rainbow Voluntours and participate in teaching underprivileged children at one of the schools in the Southern state. With the weekends off and evenings spare, you will have ample time to experience Kerala in all its glory during monsoons.

6. Swechha, Delhi

A youth-run organisation in Delhi, Swechha works for the environmental cause. If you are in Delhi, then you probably know the value of monsoon showers amid high rising temperatures. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to help save nature while enjoying the rains in the capital.

7. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Karnataka

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) is a rainforest conservation organisation, located literally in the middle of a rain forest! Here, you can opt to volunteer for a number of non-technical tasks like data collection, fundraising, administrative work, etc. What else could one ask for than having to work in a rain forest during monsoons? Situated in Shimoga, Karnataka, this organisation is perfect for you if you love the rustic beauty of nature.

Volunteering won’t seem boring to you if you look at the perks these destinations offer during monsoons for a genuine nature lover. From the highest passes to the beautiful seashores, there are so many options to choose from for your volunteering holiday. And trust us, it always feels good to give back.

Image Credit: 17000ft




A writer and explorer living her ultimate dream of travel and writing. Tishta is a seeker of spiritual legends and myths in the Himalayas. An avid reader, she can be found looking for constellations in the night sky with a telescope when not lost in the solitude of the mountains, seeking meaning to life and beyond.

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