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Offbeat Nepal: More Than Just The Land Of Temples



Offbeat Nepal: More Than Just The Land Of Temples

3 unusual things to explore in Nepal

If you thought Nepal was only about the Himalayas, adventure sports and old temples, you couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, these things make Nepal a popular tourist destination, but there’s a lot more to it that hasn’t been spoken about enough.

Nepal’s travel agenda had taken a backseat during the Maoist movement in early 2000s and then again, during the earthquake of 2015. But the nation pulled itself together and came back stronger. Ever since, the tourism has increased manifold.

The mountain town is proud of its cool, emerging culture, which can be of particular interest to millennial travellers. Here are 3 unusual things to explore in Nepal:

1. Ancient Tattoo Art

Nepal boasts of some of the best tattoo artists in the world. The tattoo art here is so intricate, and the designs so sophisticated, that you will simply want to get inked!

Believe it or not, their tattoo culture has been around since ancient times, but is rarely spoken of. Getting tattooed is a common practice, especially among the tribes of the Newars, Tharu, Gurungs and Magars.

A fellow millennial, Nepali resident Dhananjay Bhattarai (25) says, “Nepal’s tattoo art is the most reasonably priced and the finest in the world. It’s a hit among international tourists, who want to take back a bit of Nepal with them.”

2. Guerrilla Trekking

When one speaks of Nepal, trekking through the mountains comes to mind. What if we told you that you could be part of their history too, while on the trek? The Nepal government started Guerrilla trekking in 2006 for travellers seeking an edge over adventure.

How’s it different, you ask? Well this trek takes place in the war-affected areas of Nepal and gives you a sneak peek of their recent history. The term guerrilla was coined by the Maoists themselves.

According to Dhananjay, “The trek is divided into three different routes overlapping one another. On the way are beautiful valleys and ridges through steep terrains. It has proved to be an excellent source of income for the locals out there.”

3. Faith Healing

Nepal is home to some ancient healing practices that claim to cure even the most difficult of illnesses.

Dhananjay explains: “A faith healer is the mediator between positivity and negativity. He acts as a catalyst and removes the negative vibes from the patient through his positive vibes.”

In fact, many Western travellers show interest in learning faith healing, which is now considered to be at par with modern medicine.

“Some healers take it to the next level and perform exorcism too, which is forbidden to watch or learn as a rule,” he adds.

So if you believe in the concept of faith healing (and we personally think that it works for those who believe), you have another reason to visit Nepal.

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