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Off The Beaten Track: Devkund Waterfall



Off The Beaten Track: Devkund Waterfall

Traveller and YouTuber Rahul Nanda helps us discover this hidden gem

Maharashtra is best known for its sprawling beaches, historic monuments and pilgrimage sites, but it also has some hidden areas that overflow with natural beauty. One such destination is the Devkund Waterfall at Raigad.

Devkund is a small lake that the waterfall gushes into. It is said to be the origin of the Kundalika River, where three different falls convene.

Getting There

A 3-hour trek from the base Bhira Village will lead you to the hidden gem — hidden because the waterfall is totally inaudible until you actually reach it. You wouldn’t know of its existence if you were just passing by!

The alternative route is descending down the plush valley and reaching the top of the fall. However, people generally opt for the former to witness it’s natural beauty.

Planning a trip to Devkund in the cooler months or the beginning of the monsoon season is a good idea, since the trek can be a tad risky during heavy rains.

Traveller and YouTuber Rahul Nanda recently made the trek and created an interesting vlog on the Devkund falls. Speaking to indibeat, he said, “The best part about the falls is the fact that they’re hidden away. If you were just walking near Bhira Dam, you wouldn’t even know something like this exists close by.”

The Beauty at the End of the Trek

Rahul believes that the trek itself is magical. On the way, you will come across Tamhini Ghats, where you can stop over and enjoy the stunning views.

The 3-hour-long trek is tiring but definitely worth it. People who have visited the place go gaga over the beauty of the falls and its surrounding areas.

As Rahul says, “The last 30 minutes are tricky during the trek. It starts with a climb, then the trekking path disappears, and finally, you have to make your way through big boulders to get to it. But a first-time trekker with decent stamina can easily do it.”

At the end of the trek you’re welcomed by the beautiful lake where you can relax, bathe, or simply watch nature at its best.

Tips for Trekkers

If you’re somewhat of a rookie, we suggest you do the trek with a local guide or a travel company. As Rahul says, “If you’re doing it solo, do it with a trekking company as they will take you there safely and bring you back. There are many (such companies) and they have a trek going there every weekend.”

If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, pick a weekday, since the weekends draw a little more crowd.

Also, don’t forget to carry plenty of water, as there is none available on the way. There are just 2-3 houses that you’ll come across, and if you get along with the locals, they’ll happily share the legends of Devkund with you.

Be a Traveller in Maharashtra

Just like Devkund, there are several other unexplored regions in Maharashtra that make for a great travel story.

Rahul adds, “Maharashtra or the Sahyadri Hills region has some of the most wonderful treks in the country. They have something in store for professionals as well as beginners. Through my travel videos, I want people to discover that there is much more to Maharashtra if you looked a little deeper. ”

Our thoughts resonate with Rahul’s. While we look for wanderlust outside, we forget that our own state has some beautiful, undiscovered gems. Watch this space, as we recommend many more stunning weekend getaways in a city or town near you.

Check out Rahul Nanda’s travel videos here.

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