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Natural Spa: Hot Springs In North India

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Natural Spa: Hot Springs In North India

Plan your next hot spring holiday for a natural detox

Imagine a hot water spa in the lap of nature — could there be anything more pure and relaxing? If you’re planning a holiday in the mountains soon, don’t forget to include a visit to the hot springs. A hot spring is a pool of water that’s naturally (geothermally) heated as it emerges from the Earth’s crust.

The north of India is not getting any closer to experiencing summer this year. The snow has melted away in most parts, and the areas abundant in hot springs have opened up to welcome tourists. You can enjoy the pleasant weather, while soaking in the goodness of a natural detox.

These natural steamy pools are a lot of fun, of course, but apart from that they also have loads of health benefits. The geothermally heated groundwater is able to hold more dissolved solids than cold water. This is the reason that hot water springs have high mineral content. These minerals possess medicinal properties and therefore, a lot of people choose hot water springs for detoxification. Here are some more of its benefits:

– Blood Circulation: The presence of bicarbonate in hot water springs helps to stimulate proper blood circulation. It also helps to ease out hypertension.

– Skin Treatment: Most of the above mentioned hot water springs are sulphur rich. This helps to treat the issue of dry, lifeless skin.

– Healing Arthritis: Arthritis patients feel very relaxed by bathing in hot water springs. It helps to release the stress in their joints, thereby helping in reducing the pain.

– Fixing Hormonal Imbalance: Menopausal symptoms and digestive troubles are well treated by the minerals present in hot water springs.

– Stress Buster: Stress is the major cause of psychological problems. There are many who don’t seem to let go off of it even on a holiday. Here is where planning your holiday around hot water springs proves beneficial for your busy mind.

– Detoxification: When you bathe in a hot water spring regularly, your autonomic nervous system and endocrine system gets normalised. This helps to release toxins in your body through sweating.

– Immunity booster: The minerals present in hot water springs are believed to help fight infections. They also help boost one’s immunity due to the high iron content.

Your search for splendid natural hot water springs ends here. A few of them being unexplored, in terms of tourism, can actually be your personal jacuzzis!

Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

To reach Kheerganga, you have to trek for 11km starting from Barshaini, a village beyond Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. There are several places on the way where people have diverted a part of the hot spring water to their resorts to provide their guests with the luxury without having to tread much.

Panamik, Ladakh (J&K)

Panamik is a village in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh. It is about 150km away from Leh. The hot water springs of Panamik lie close to the Siachen Glacier and are rich in sulphur, which has a number of healing properties.

Yumthang, Sikkim

The water of the spring found in Yumthang has been diverted to a hut where there are two pools for bathers. To reach the hut you need to cross the Lachung river through a bridge. The bridge itself is a few hundred yards away from the village of Yumthang.

Gaurikund, Uttarakhand

At the foothills of Kedarnath lies Gaurikund. The hot water spring at this place is very soothing and marks the beginning of the trek towards Kedarnath.

Other places where you can indulge yourself in the relaxing waters of hot springs:

Reshi Hot Water Spring, Sikkim

Tapovan, Uttarakhand

Rishi Kund, Uttarakhand

Tattapani, Himachal Pradesh

Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh

Suryakund, Uttarakhand

Chumathang, Ladakh

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh.

If you really want a poolside vacation, why not choose a healthier option instead? Enjoy a detoxifying hot spring for as long as you wish, while taking in the beauty of nature all around.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




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