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6 Eco Resorts In North India For The Green Traveller

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6 Eco Resorts In North India For The Green Traveller

Sustainability lies at the heart of these beautiful, handpicked resorts

We’re all constantly looking for an escape from our busy, cramped city lives. Think ‘escape’ and the first thing that comes to mind is a luxury resort in a quiet location, far from the maddening crowds. Sustainability is not really what comes to mind! However, with the trend of responsible travel picking up around the world, a couple of resorts in India have also started embracing an eco-friendly philosophy.

Wouldn’t you rather opt for a resort that offers splendid views and comfortable accommodation with the added bonus of sustainable travel?

These 6 eco resorts religiously follow planet-friendly practices so as to offer a great experience, while also caring for the planet:

1. Mountain Trail Resort, Nainital

Set amidst the Kumaon mountain range, Mukteshwar is a beautiful place in Nainital surrounded by thick, green forests. The Mountain Trail Resort sits right in the middle of the greenery here. 

It’s an eco-friendly resort with its garbage disposal management in place. They use lights that consume less power, as well as herbal toiletries to minimise chemical discharge. They also discourage the use of plastics and other non biodegradable products.

2. Surjivan Resort, Gurugram

A quick drive away from the upscale Gurugram is an eco-friendly resort called Surjivan in Manesar. It’s famous for the natural charm it has retained, and the eco-friendly measures it follows.

Their cottages are made of mud and have jharokhas, which not only provide natural light but cool air as well, thus saving on electricity.  They’re done up with ethnic decor and vedic motifs designed by local artisans.

You could also choose to go on a village tour on a tractor, or a camel ride through the farm routes — a great way to escape our digital lives for bit, right?

3. Nimmu House, Ladakh

If Kashmir’s beauty was not enough, Nimmu House Resort makes sure that your experience is truly natural and magical. It’s a 20th century property with three floors, two Buddhist temples, stables and a 5,000 sq mt orchard full of apple, apricot and walnut trees.

There’s no TV or WiFi in the rooms — it’s all about enjoying the nature. The resort also has solar panels for heating water, and double glazed windows for natural insulation.

4. Sher Bagh, Madhopur Rajasthan

The luxury tented resort is situated in the land of tigers — Ranthambore. It belongs to the Sher Bagh family of Ranthambore.

The tents are hand-stitched, and guests are served traditional thali meals cooked with organic ingredients picked from their herb and vegetable gardens. Even the swimming pool is handcrafted to give you those true natural vibes.

5. Vana Malsi Estate, Dehradun

Surrounded by the Sal forest of large deciduous trees, Vana Malsi resort also has its own orchards of apple and lychee trees.

It is hailed as one of the best yoga centres in the country, and uses sustainable materials like bamboo flooring and certified organic linen. It is also the first to get the LEED Platinum certification, which is the highest level of green endorsement. They source their ingredients from local farms for organic cooking.

6. The Lodge at Wah, Palampur

Palampur is synonymous with Himachali beauty, and The Lodge at Wah tea estate embraces it fully. The property is built with natural materials like mud, slate, wood and stone.

It’s said that the resort also took on the responsibility of planting as many trees as were used to build the lodges. The walls inside the lodges have no paint, but only a coat of mud plaster. What’s more, the food is made from homegrown organic ingredients.

So the next time you travel, consider booking a stay at one such resort, and encourage eco-friendly ventures.

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