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5 Unexplored Towns In Rajasthan



5 Unexplored Towns In Rajasthan

Unexplored towns that will take you back to the era of a truly royal Rajasthan

When one thinks of Rajasthan, the most obvious places that first come to mind are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer. Although rustic and beautiful, these towns are not the be-all and end-all of the desert state–there’s so much more.

Aside from the overly commercialised areas of Rajasthan, there are smaller towns and villages brimming with rich culture and heritage that will leave you spellbound for sure!

Here’s our list of unexplored towns that will take you back to the era of a truly royal Rajasthan.

1. Mandawa

Located in the Shekhawati region of the princely state Rajasthan, this small village used to be a hub of traders who have now moved to metro cities, leaving behind their havelis and palaces under the supervision of guards. A few of them have even sold out their havelis to hoteliers who have turned them into beautiful boutique hotels. We spoke to a young architect who recently visited the place and he had this to say, “”The Rajputana and Shekhawati architecture is truly a feast for the eyes. I’ve always visited such havelis and forts. Living in them is truly worthwhile (as you can) experience the luxury that existed long time back. The grandeur of the havelis has been restored with very few modern touches, for sake of preserving their culture. Don’t expect televisions in the rooms here. The havelis are big and beautiful enough to consume all your time!”

2. Khuri Village

If you are an avid traveller looking for adventure and a thrilling stay, instead of those ultra-modern hotels, Khuri is the place for you. Although it is not as popular as the Saam sand dunes, Khuri sand dunes can still be in any adventure lover’s bookmarked places to visit, purely for its earthy feel. Here, you have an excellent choice to either stay in the sand dunes itself and gaze at stars or experience the lives of natives here by living with them in mud and straw houses. When here, don’t forget to look out for some migratory birds as well as some native rare species of birds. Prashant Subramanian, 32, a travel enthusiast and a PR professional was mesmerised by the appearance of rare migratory birds here and said, “”I visited this place in winters and it was truly a delight watching and capturing the cranes in this part of the city. We were also lucky to spot a flock of vultures!”

3. Bijaipur Village

Amidst the beautiful Vindhyachal stands the grand fort (Castle Bijaipur), still occupied by the ruling royal family of the village. And the best part is, you get to live with them! Also, this 13th generation of the royal family is very hospitable and allows you to hold events and functions too in their premises, while they offer some cool suggestion to make your occasion a royal experience. You are free to pick any horse from the cluster that belongs to the royal family and go for a ride. Or else, simply go out for bird watching or for an excellent yoga and meditation session conducted by a (real) yogi! What’s more, you can cosy up by the bonfire and indulge in a lavish dinner spread.

4. Bundi

Talking of Rajasthan and not mentioning step walls is like talking daal without bati! For some exquisite step wall structures, include Bundi in your itinerary of Rajasthan and you will surely never regret it. You could also spend some time at one of the surreal waterfalls there, and check out some beautiful temples and forts.

5. Manwar

If a night in a cold, calm desert is what you crave, Manwar has it waiting for you. A resort or a personal camping site, take your pick at the Manwar desert camp and resort. During day time, the humble villagers are more than happy to welcome you in their houses, or else you can also go for a bird watch tour. Not to miss is the awesome Rajasthani cuisine available here.

‘Padharo maahre des’ (welcome to my state) truly comes to life in Rajasthan. What are some of your favourite destinations in Rajasthan? Tell us in the Comments section below.

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