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The Smartphone 101 Class For Your Parents

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The Smartphone 101 Class For Your Parents

Be a parent to your parents and install these 10 useful apps on their phone. They’ll be thrilled and you’ll be their coolest kid forever.

According to a survey conducted by Target Marketing, millennials are not just close to their folks but also feel obligated to keep them in sync with the latest trends. In fact, 74% of the millennials claim that they frequently recommend apps to their parents.  

As a generation that’s seen phones go from functional to ‘smart’, we’re quick to add and delete utilities on our devices based on the need of the hour. Our parents? Not so much. Maybe they’re still getting the hang of their phones or using it just to make calls and WhatsApp. Why not show them the possibilities instead? It’s time to be a parent to your parent and introduce them  to these super useful apps that can make their lives easier.

In fact, just go ahead and install it on their phones, we say! 

Teamviewer QuickSupport

This can help you get into tech support mode when your folks are stuck with something phone-related. Simply get the connecting code from them, get access to their screen, view the essential issue, and possibly help them out.


If you are settled abroad or mostly away from home, this could be one of the go-to apps for your parents. It’s easily one of the better and smoother ways to keep in touch, not just with you but also with their extended family across the world. 


Your folks may not know it, but they need this. This sweet little app by Open Whisper’s System ensure that all calls, media, and attachments are completely guarded with an end-to-end military level encryption.


“Where did you get these sweets from? Did you have enough cash to get these?” My father-in-law popped this question when he saw the packet in my hand two days after demonetization struck. Once I told him about the app, the convenience and the cashback offers, he would not rest till I downloaded it for him right there!


Are any/both of your folks music lovers? With this app, they can not just listen to their  favorite numbers, but also discover new artists, albums, and listen to the Gaana radio. With over 10 million tracks and several regional languages to choose from, this one, according to the PC Mag is still the best in India. 

Cam Scanner 

Wondering what a camera can do beyond clicking well-angled photos? Well, it can also transform into a portable scanner in no time. Install the app, focus the camera on the document, and voila! Your parents can now email or share the scanned copy instantly, without trudging to the local Xerox store.

Unified Remote

While there are apps to control TV and even a garage these days, your parents can take charge of their PC or laptop using their smartphone and this app. Just make sure it’s not yours!


Bluetooth is passé and so is email-based file transfer. SHAREit enables you to share some pretty large files between phones, tablets and PCs with no involvement of cables. Now, isn’t that a really cool app? Your folks will definitely agree after they find how easy it makes it for them to share hi-res family wedding videos.

360 Security

Make your parents understand the importance of keeping their phone details protected with an anti-virus just as they would do with their PC. This free and all-round app includes call + sms filter, Find My Phone,  as well as a data monitor.


Encouraging healthy lifestyle in your folks is possibly the best gift you could give them, and if an app helps you along, why not? Fooducate not just helps track the calorie count for your parents, but also manages their diet and exercise regime.

This is just the beginning, of course, but it should give your folks an idea of the the many ways in which their phone can make their lives easier and more social. Go on, do your good deed for the day.




A full-time writer with varied interests and a staunch believer in expressing her thoughts, Madhuparna intends to exhibit her expertise through the power of words.

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