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An App For Every Millennial Problem



An App For Every Millennial Problem

Trying to get your life together? An app could be your best bud

For every app that crowds Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, there is a gem that truly assists you with resolving real-life problems (these apps are the ones you should save your phone memory for!). We look at some of the most common problems faced by young Indians and how certain apps come in handy to make life that much easier.

1. Tracking Menstrual Cycles

All the ladies out there know how important it is to keep track of one’s menstrual cycle, to know when to expect a visit from Aunt Flo, and when to start panicking! In general, keeping track of your cycle helps with monitoring overall health and avoiding unplanned pregnancies among other benefits.

Now it’s not practical to maintain this information on a mere piece of paper or a tattered notebook – there is a better way. We know the struggle is real but it is also unnecessary when you can simply download an app that tracks and analyses menstrual cycles and does a whole lot more for you.

Recommended App: Flo (available on Play Store, App Store)

Aptly named Flo, the app is a godsend! It accurately predicts menstrual cycles, ovulation and fertile days. Furthermore, it reminds you when your next period is right around the corner; it allows you to log PMS, mood, sleep, water intake, distance walked, exercise, import nutrition information and more to give you accurate analysis of your cycles.

This easy-to-use app also educates through articles by sharing information relevant to the details you log, keeping you updated with the whys and hows of your physical world.

Other Popular Apps in the Category: Period Tracker (click here), Clue (click here) and Glow (click here).

2. Working On-The-Go

Long travel and longer work hours make it necessary to get work done on-the-go and save those precious minutes, so you can get home and spend time with your family. Skip spending time with your laptop after work hours by covering those minor pending to-dos during your travel. Here’s where a couple of document management, document editing apps will come to your rescue. These apps are also great to simply get better organised even when at work.

Recommended Apps: Documents 5 by Readdle and File Manager by ASUS

Every Apple iPhone or iPad user may have relied on Documents by Readdle at some point in time, given the absence of in-built document management and editing apps. A must-have, Documents allows you to manage every file-format imaginable including video files, audio files and ZIP files. A neat interface is another plus and it allows you to comfortably manage folders, save email attachments and edit files on-the-go.

Asus File Manager has emerged as one of the favourite file managers for Android users and rightly so, since it delivers a good user experience along with a neat interface and some great features. With support for different file formats, support for cloud storage and LAN as well as SMB support, the app offers a whole lot more, making it easy for you to carry out your tasks when travelling.

Other Popular Apps in the Category: Notability (click here) and Amaze File Manager (click here).

3. Losing Weight, Maintaining Fitness

The importance of exercising and maintaining optimum levels of fitness need not be highlighted because there is no dearth of gyaan suggesting why it is necessary. However, if there is any lack, it is motivation and the will to not hit the snooze button. For the latter, you can download one of those crazy alarm apps that require you to solve a math problem ensuring that you are wide awake before you turn it off. As for the losing weight bit, well, there’s an app for that as well.

Recommended App: Running for Weight Loss (available on Play Store, App Store)

A great app that is complete with customisable training plans, water intake tracker and reminder, great music to run to, and of course, the weight logging feature. The Pro version of the app shares meal plans, recipes and gives you the liberty to select your virtual trainer. However, stick to the free version to test how well it works for you before you opt for enhanced features. It’s a well-designed app and it is quite motivating to check off and know that you finish everyday’s training. This will certainly keep you going because there is nothing more disappointing than the app showing you that the previous days training hasn’t been covered.

When you begin to ‘Train’ you can pick your music and then start with the app guiding you to do a warm-up and lead you into your run. You can take a selfie from within the app to boast to your friends when you reach your goals!

Other Popular Apps in the Category: Endomondo, Runtastic (click here), Nike+ Run Club (click here) and My Fitness Pal (click here).

So you now know that you don’t have to rush to agony aunts to lament–you can find a virtual assistant to give you guidance for your daily woes! If at times, it is only a gentle nudge that you need in the right direction then definitely search the app market and find tons of tools that help you organise, manage and educate yourself.

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