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10 Exciting Product Launches Coming Up In 2017

Product Launches -
Product Launches -


10 Exciting Product Launches Coming Up In 2017

A brief look at the gadgets and gizmos that’s gonna have us reaching for our credit cards next year.

New tech launches are irresistible, especially if they are as exciting as the Samsung Gear VR Headsets that gave us a virtual roller coaster. Woho! From the AI-powered home speakers by Google to the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 7 clan, 2016 was a year of tech extravaganza.

So, now that we are already halfway through December and still getting a hang of e-wallets, we look forward to the launch of some of the exciting new tech products in 2017 that are sure to make us call for insolvency, albeit happily!

iPhone 8

Waiting for that glossy new luxurious gadget with its spine-chilling price-tag? New technology is exciting, but innovation is super exciting, and that’s exactly what Apple is known for. With iPhone all set to enter its 10th year in 2017, we hear some strong rumors of the next flagship by the tech giant. For one, that launch event promises much drama, and will likely have some other small surprises thrown in as well. 

Tentative Release: June 29th, 2017 (iPhone anniversary)

Foldable Samsung Phone

Yes! There are high chances of this outlandish concept to see light of day in 2017. Samsung has been heard working on foldable displays for pretty long now, and the news of the company filing patent for something similar, only stimulates our tech senses. Bring it on!

Tentative Release: N/A

Google smartwatch

There isn’t any tech product Google isn’t trying and one of its much anticipated launches would be the circular Android wear or what we call “Smartwatch”! Yep! These two sweet little things with code names Angelfish and Swordfish are already spec’d up by the rumor mill, says the Wearable. Say allo to Google Smartwatch in 2017.

Tentative Release: Q1 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

The South Korean tech entity indeed shows some spunk with the revelation of its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, despite the Note 7 debacle. From a pressure sensitive display without a bezel to the introduction of digital assistant, a rumor bomb is dropped every other day. While we are sure technologically aroused with the rumored specs, we also hope that it’s explosion proof!

Tentative Release: March, 2017

Google’s New Laptop with a special Android Version

Formally known as “bison” and informally as “Pixel 3”, Google is all pepped up to launch a shiny new laptop with Android / Chrome OS ‘Andromeda’ operating system, says Android Police. What’s new? Apart from the OS combo in a laptop form, you can even use it in a tablet mode. Whoa! Now, that’s an all-rounder!

Tentative Release: Q3 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro

We are not yet over that sleek Microsoft Surface Pro collection, but it seems that we have another one thrown into the space! A new version, perhaps Microsoft Surface Pro 5, they say, is in the cards in 2017. That’s some speed, eh?

Tentative Release: Spring 2017

Windows 10 Compatible VR Headsets

VR (Virtual Reality headsets) is everything these days, with the technology only set to see more growth in upcoming years. This new hardware platform will function like VR headsets that tether to a PC, and be manufactured by the respective partners: Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo and HP. Not only are these devices cheaper than the Oculus Rift and Vive; they’re also expected to support six degrees of freedom and inside-out tracking.

Tentative Release: First half of 2017

Refreshed iPad

iPad fanatics have a reason to cheer, as Apple seems to be in the mood to give its lineup the much needed face-lift. Software upgrades, enhancements to the Apple Pencil stylus, hardware developments, and larger screen sizes are just some of the changes in store for the iPad loyalist.

Tentative Release: March 2017

Fitbit Overhaul

Tracking your activity could well transform into something more exciting with new form factors, features, and functionalities in 2017, says the Fitbit CEO James Park. Well, we are all eyes for this baby.

Tentative Release: N/A

Nintendo Switch Surprise

Even the gamers have something in store this New Year. Nintendo takes gaming to a new high with Nintendo Switch, a gaming console that plays on your television or works as a portable system. That’s pretty neat, we think.

Tentative Release: January 13, 2017

So, whether you are a smartphone freak, an avid gamer, fitness fanatic, or holding on to your smartwatch craze, 2017  has something in store for all you geeks out there!




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