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Why Virat Kohli Has Us Smitten, Both On & Off The Cricket Pitch

Virat Kohli


Why Virat Kohli Has Us Smitten, Both On & Off The Cricket Pitch

What is it about the cricketer that has the whole country riveted to their screens? We find out more.

Virat Kohli’s latest claim to fame is his nomination for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, the highest sporting honour in India — not that he’s running short of those claims, mind you.  

Kohli has firmly cemented his place in the hearts of Indians, as much for being a prolific sportsman as a true gentleman.

That Virat Kohli is a talented cricketer is no secret, but his heroic feats during the T20 World Cup 2016 gave us further insight into the personality of the man on the pitch.  Here is how he went from being a well-loved cricketer to a national sensation.

A Spectacular Man To Watch On-Field

Virat Kohli has been playing like a man possessed, and every match he plays these days is guaranteed to be an entertaining journey, keeping the entire country riveted as he goes in for the kill.

It’s not only his batting that keeps the crowd on their toes, but also his aggressive behaviour on it, leaving us in no doubt about his passion for the sport that can’t be quenched.

Heavy Lifting On The Cricket Pitch — Checking Out The Scorecard

Any debate about whether or not Virat Kohli has nerves of steel was put to rest in India’s quarter-final match against Australia. He single-handedly pulled India across the finishing line by scoring a whopping 35 runs in the last 17 balls.

There is a sense of discretion he possesses in knowing when to let someone else take the limelight, as well as about when to step in and spring into form when the team needs him the most.

It’s easy to see why he is seen as the future captain in all formats of the game.

Keeping It Real On Social Media

After a poor World Cup 2015 for Team India and Virat, there were ridiculous accusations levelled by some against actress Anushka Sharma, Virat’s then-girlfriend. These geniuses started proclaiming that she was unlucky for him, purely because she happened to be present in the stadium.

Fast forward to about a year later to the T20 World Cup final — while everyone was heaping praises on Virat for his outstanding performance against Australia, he chose this time to hit back at the dimwits who targeted Anushka for something truly inane.

Very classy, Mr. Kohli.

Humility Is Never Overrated

Kohli has shown himself to be extremely humble on countless occasions. With gestures like bowing down to his idol Sachin Tendulkar after a brilliant innings against Pakistan in the latest T20 series, or taking time off from his busy schedule of IPL 2016 to interact with the inmates of an old-age home in Pune called ‘Abhalmaya’, Kohli highlights why it’s important to be a kind human being first.

Having constantly played down his achievements, he’s  managed to keep his feet on the ground unlike several others in the sport.

And if all these qualities aren’t enough, let’s not forget there’s always his perfect beard and boyish looks to turn heads!




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