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Meet The Millennial Robin Hoods



Meet The Millennial Robin Hoods

A ray of hope for a starving nation

Extravagant birthdays and flamboyant wedding parties almost always have grand dinner buffets. But at the end of these parties, nobody seems to care about the amount of food being wasted. It’s a sad reality, especially since millions of Indians sleep hungry everyday.

As per shocking stats, more than 10 million people die of chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases every year.

Now, there’s a beacon of hope for the starving and underprivileged in the form of a modern-day Robin Hood Army.

Eradicating Hunger

Robin Hood Army (RHA) is an NGO that has devoted itself to collecting surplus food from wealthy restaurants and other sources, and distributing it among the less fortunate.

This outfit doesn’t just have an apt, intriguing name — it also has presence in 64 cities globally.

What is an international movement today was started in Delhi in 2014 by a bunch of do-gooders.

RHA came to life when founder Neel Ghose decided to give away good food to the needy one cold evening in Delhi, and continued doing so regularly.

Pretty soon, this act of kindness garnered a lot of attention on social media. A flurry of volunteers became ‘Robins’, taking food from the privileged and giving it to those in need.

Tell Me More…

Designed to serve the street citizens, this unique organisation embodies the millennial work culture and ethics.

With no offices, no assets, and no liabilities, Robin Hood doesn’t accept any monetary donations. Their wonderful philosophy of ‘think less, do more’ is the driving force behind the fabulous work they do.

Some of the finest restaurants have joined hands with them, providing them with quality food over the weekends. Some of the noteworthy ones include The Lalit (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Udaipur), Mumbai’s suburban bar The Daily, and Connaught Royale in Delhi.

Food wastage is also avoided in many tier two cities daily, thanks to the Robins. With more and more restaurants becoming mindful about wastage, the on-boarding of partners has been on the rise.

One for the Kids

RHA now facilitates education for street children, with innovative teaching methods like playing YouTube videos and giving performance incentives during classroom sessions. They also give them personal care lessons and have enrolled many of them in schools.

What’s more, RHA has been providing medical assistance to street kids by giving them basic first aid and care to recover from injuries.

We had the opportunity of speaking to a Mumbai Robin, Pooja Dagli, a 27-year-old corporate lawyer who has been working with the organisation for a year and a half. Not only did she give us insight into all the lovely work they do, but also left us with a beautiful thought that every millennial could relate to.

“What I took up to kill Sunday boredom, soon grew on me to become my responsibility. And today it means legacy to me,” she proudly said.

Robins across various cities seem like an enthusiastic lot, and they make it a point to meet every weekend for their humanitarian efforts.

So if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday, you could join them too. Visit their site to know more about becoming a partner, a volunteer, or a teacher at RHA. Because that’s some food for thought — rather — thought for food!

Image Credit: Robin Hood Army




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