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Is Honeypreet Receiving Too Much Media Attention?



Is Honeypreet Receiving Too Much Media Attention?

There’s no sense in sensationalism

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you couldn’t have missed the headlines and gossip columns featuring Honeypreet Insan. The so-called adopted daughter of rape-convicted ‘godman’ Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has quite a few charges to her name and was recently arrested.

Honeypreet called herself papa’s angel, but was accused of having an affair with dad himself.

She was also the co-culprit in many of his crimes, and had been absconding ever since his arrest. In the process, she got more media attention than she called for!

‘Who the hell is Honeypreet?,’ my mom asked the other day. She hardly watches the news but wanted to know all about her, since she’s the hot topic of discussion amongst her friends.

Well, some people get famous for all the wrong reasons.

The Nonsense Goes On

Another attention seeker, Rakhi Sawant also weighed in on the matter: “I realised that Honeypreet was uncomfortable with me getting close to Gurmeet. She even feared that I may become her sautan (lover’s wife) by marrying him!”

What’s more ridiculous than Rakhi’s statement is the fact that several media houses actually carried it as main news!

Then there was the melodramatic entry of the husband, who wanted to expose Honeypreet by producing proof of her affair with her dad.

Where is the Real News?

National security, GST, development and economy, and the horrendous crimes against women — there are so many more important matters that deserve coverage.

While Honeypreet’s arrest might be newsworthy, her twisted affairs and moral mishaps are nothing more than gossip. I’m talking about news channels that keep playing her petty news all day long! Honeypreet is improving their TRPs, why not leverage it, right?

I so wish that news were treated as news, and not a dramatic television soapBut when I see headlines like ‘Personal diary of Honeypreet in possession of a news channel’, or ‘Honeypreet ke karwachauth ka raaz’, I feel exasperated.

No Sense in Sensationalism

Several media houses have been covering trends – no matter how petty – in the name of TRPs. In the process, they lose the essence of being a news channel and often turn to sensationalism.

The result? Viewers are subject to bizarre, useless news that’s often blown out of proportion.

Thanks to sensationalism, Honeypreet is trending on Twitter and WhatsApp. What she does, what she wears, what she says, where she goes — news channels want to cover it all.

Are we really interested? Do we really want to know about the personal interests of a criminal? As if the ever-diminishing quality of TV serials wasn’t enough, our news channels are disappointing us too.

So I humbly request all the media houses out there to stop feeding us with such stories. Don’t lose your credibility over distasteful gimmicks. Your viewers deserve more, as do you!

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




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