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Twitter Trolls & Unspoken Rules


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Twitter Trolls & Unspoken Rules

How to maintain your dignity and sanity while using Twitter

The microblogging platform was created for people to express themselves in 140 characters. But every opinion is topped up with hundreds of other opinions, making Twitter a hotbed for debates and trolls.

Kings & Queens of Controversy

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter is a blessing, and many people around the world use it to follow the latest trends and events, to get jobs, and to share their thoughts with others. But for our Twitterati (from movies, sports or even politics), Twitter is a playground and the world is its audience. When you have a public platform with thousands of followers on it, you could either use it or misuse it — and many celebrities do the latter. You must have come across the Twitter profiles of KRK, Rishi Kapoor, Virendra Sehwag and other celebrities who know exactly how to stir up a controversy! Hollywood is no different.

When Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her leaner self due to the flu she caught, she received a lot of flak on Twitter for ‘promoting weight loss’! And this isn’t the first time she’s been trolled on Twitter. Dear Kim, even though your life is ‘public’, some things are just too private for Twitter!

When Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris took to Twitter to clear the issue of song credits, their war went highly viral and one of his tweets got more than 3,000 likes within 30 minutes only. Hence proved, the most genuine gossips are born on Twitter!

Truth be told, even the guy-next-door gets trolled or ridiculed if he tweets about something controversial. That’s just the way it is. Yep, even if you’re not a celebrity, your tweet could go viral and become ‘hot gossip’ the very next second.

Unspoken Rules of Twitter

Twitter began in 2006 with an aim to become the ‘SMS of the internet’. However, it took a step ahead and became the debate centre apart from the bearer of breaking news. Slowly, more and more people took to Twitter and more and more controversies occurred. If you are among those who want to use Twitter without the unnecessary attention and controversy that comes with it, keep these points in mind:

(1) Do a spell-check: It’s just 140 characters, won’t take much of your time proofreading it; keeping you safe from the shower of jokes.

(2) Don’t judge anyone: Keep your emotions to yourself. Don’t go on chanting it at a place like Twitter. Agreed, Twitter is a platform to share your opinions but stop and think before you tweet. Don’t get too angry/emotional and write something you’ll regret later.

(3) Please don’t abuse, just don’t: No matter how angry or frustrated you are, don’t think of Twitter as a stage to host all the melodrama. It will only end badly.

(4) Don’t brag: Keep the self-loving in check, honey. Please don’t re-tweet compliments you’ve received; that will just make you look lame.

(5) Reduce the use of hashtags: Hashtags came into being, thanks to Twitter. Their over usage happened, courtesy who? No-one knows. Avoid unnecessary hashtags and please don’t #convert #a #sentence #into #a #hashtag #story.

Let’s clean Twitter of the controversies and countless commentaries. Remember, words once spoken and tweeted can never be reversed #originalidiom (from a spoilt habitual user of hashtags).

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




A wife, a mother and a blogger and has gradually managed to handle all three together (though not without coffee). Shilpa is keen on pursuing her lost dream of becoming a writer. She likes to eat and wants to reduce at the same time.

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