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Bolti Bandh: 5 Times Bollywood Divas Owned Their Trollers

Bolti Bandh: 5 Times Bollywood Divas Owned Their Trollers

Gender Issues

Bolti Bandh: 5 Times Bollywood Divas Owned Their Trollers

The Internet isn’t a free-for-all and these stars are making that clear. We love these epic responses from five Bollywood goddesses who gave trollers a piece of their mind.

Bollywood actresses are always in the public eye – can’t blame anyone, they’re beautiful. But the public eye isn’t particularly kind – and, sometimes, it is blatantly sexist. Mostly to the credit of cat-fishing chauvinists on social media.

These chronic trollers have truly outrun the boundaries of misogyny and attacked not only the privacy of female celebrities but also their existence as successful women.

While these attacks are obviously lady boner killers, actors hardly give in – they fight it out. Read on to find out how these super women owned their trollers.

Not Fair yet Lovely – Tannishtha Chatterjee

When Tannishtha Chatterjee agreed to be roasted on a popular insult comedy show, she had no idea she was going to be bullied and shamed because of her skin colour, People on social media and on the show trolled her telling her to learn to take a joke. Thankfully, she didn’t; she walked out of the show.

Next day, she resorted to a Facebook post where she clearly argued how making fun of dark skin was irresponsible.

In an India of 2016 I still have to be apologetic about my skin tone? What is this white-skin hangover?

We live in a country where being dark skinned puts people at a real disadvantage. Why then do we trivialise it? It’s beyond irresponsible, and we’re all the way behind the actor on this one. 

Married Not Branded – Twinkle Khanna

The man who had the cheek to ask Twinkle Khanna why she hadn’t changed her surname post marriage must be a social media noob. If not, he really underestimated her wit.

We must give it up to man for his perseverance though – he asked Twinkle in a series of tweets and mansplained why Twinkle is not a Khanna anymore but a Kumar.

Twinkle did not resort to any drama but put out a short reply where she confessed how frequently she was asked why she has not change her surname.

Khanna it will always be #MarriedNotBranded

Yup. That pretty much sums up this whole ridiculous issue.

We were Divided and Ruled – Richa Chadha

When Richa Chadha stood up for her Pakistani co-star, Fawad Khan, at a press conference in Melbourne, it attracted a lot of hate on Twitter. A reporter unassumingly asked how different Pakistan and India’s culture was and to this Richa had an insightful answer: that for her, it isn’t too different especially as she comes from North India which is closer to Pakistan in culture and geography than say South India or Northeast India.

As expected, Twitterati didn’t take it too well. Someone even said “A bimbo like Richa will have more in common with dumb Pakis than intellectually gifted TamBrahms.”

Richa took these half-baked attacks with a pinch of salt and replied insightfully, yet again.

Thanks for missing the point. I love Tamil so much that I can read and write the language. But troll on!

No fucks given there!

Smarter than you think – Soha Ali Khan

When Soha Ali Khan expressed her displeasure as Raghuram Rajan left office as RBI Governor, trollers on twitter couldn’t help but question her intelligence. Some even asked if she knew what RBI expanded into!

Obviously, these uncalled for judgements came and bit the troller right on their butt! Why? Soha is a postgraduate from London School of Economic, one of the top institutions for social sciences in the world.

Khan, on her part, plainly stated the facts:

LSE doesn’t stand for the London School of Entertainment and “dumb actresses” are citizens with valid opinions on economic policy #nuffsaid

Bang on, don’t you think?

Ball isn’t in my court – Anushka Sharma

India loves nothing as much as Bollywood and cricket; and when two of the most popular personalities from the two fields get together, like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s on-and-off relationship, it becomes a blazing talking point. 

Anushka has been called a “bad omen” whenever Kohli under-performs; never the other way around, gee, wonder why!

To Kohli’s credit, when people began blaming Anushka for his performance once again, he took to social media with a post titled “Shame”. He invited shame on the people who call themselves educated and yet blame a man’s misgivings on a woman especially when she has no control of what happens on the pitch and no association whatsoever to the sport.

When asked if all this bothers her, the actress very openly said that she was beyond this rubbish:

If you have a chauvinistic mind, you will not be able to take the fact there is a strong, successful girl… I have been trolled multiple times and it doesn’t affect me anymore.

You go girl!



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