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The Multi-Tasking World of Web Series

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The Multi-Tasking World of Web Series

Actors act, writers write, and directors direct. But, in the world of Indian web series, conventional lines merge and good shit happens.

We have often heard the saying, “You can do anything you want”, but there are people have gone and taken it way too seriously. Luckily for us,  some of them are people who are responsible in bringing our favourite web series to us. This multi-talented bunch of actors, writers, and directors, does not limit itself to one defined role, choosing instead to make their own rules. 

Here are eight stars from the Indian web series world that we would like to tip our imaginary hats to.

Biswapati Sarkar

We know him for essaying the character of Arnub in TVF’s Barely Speaking With Arnub. Many of us have also seen him acting in Pitchers and various Qtiyapas. Some of us know him as the writer of the super hit Permanent Roommates and Pitchers. And a very few know that he has even directed 4 episodes of Permanent Roommates. *Phew* Now that a lot of talent packed into one single man.

Watch Permanent Roommates all over again because we know you can never get enough of it!

Sameer Saxena

He is the showrunner, the man behind the camera, the one who shouted “CUT” every time Mikesh Chaudhry forgot his lines. As the director of Permanent Roommates, Sameer Saxena, gained much fame. He also directed some of the the videos of The Making Of… The idea of Tripling germinated in his brain and he went on to develop the popular show. But, do you remember Mota Amir from Arnub Vs. Free Speech or Tanya’s landlord from Permanent Roommates? That is Sameer Saxena slaying it as an actor as well.

Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself at Arnub Vs. Free Speech.

Arunabh Kumar

He is the father of TVF, if there’s such a thing. The founder and CEO of The Viral Fever Media Labs, Arunabh the man behind the entire web series of Pitchers. If you can’t put a face to his name, then think back on Yogi from the show. That is Arunabh Kumar for you, guys. An entrepreneur whose company has seen success that even he possibly didn’t dream of, a writer, a producer, and an actor. Great stuff, Arunabh!

Watch Arunabh’s entry in Pitchers like a boss from 16:50.

Deepak Kumar Mishra

Meet Deepak, one of the most brilliant actors from the web world who never fails to make people laugh. Actually he doesn’t even need an introduction. I am talking about Purushottam ji, the broker from PR Season 1 and the cab driver from Season 2, and Raghu from the Qtiyapas.. He also took the director’s seat for four episodes of PR, and many episodes of The Making Of…, and Barely Speaking with Arnub.

Watch The Making Of…  all over again to appreciate his talent!

Nidhi Bisht

Most of us know her as Ipsa or Ritu or Bhabhisa or Miss Ilenous. She is the one girl in the guy gang of TVF who has many roles to play. She has co-written Permanent Roommates and has done the casting for Pitchers and acted in very many comedy sketches by TVF. That’s Nidhi for you all!

Watch some of Nidhi’s great acting in Chai Sutta Chronicles.

Sumeet Vyas

The most popular actor of the web world is also a very good writer and director. If you ever wished to have parents like the ones Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan have in Tripling or the kind of relationship Pawan and Shahana share in Bang Baaja Baarat, Sumeet Vyas is the man to catch hold of. These stories emerged from his mind and heart and have been co-written by him. Doesn’t this information make him even more desirable?

Watch his acting/ writing beaut, Tripling.

Dhruv Sehgal

The favourite “boyfriend” of the internet, Dhruv Sehgal recently gained a lot of fame from his web series, Little Things. Most of us could relate our everyday life situations with the series and it never fell short to make us smile. The credit again goes to Dhruv Sehgal who single-handedly has written the entire story. Not just Little Things, but many other sketches from Dice Media and Filter Copy have been conceived and projected by this very talented Delhi dude!

Watch Little Things, one of the sweetest web series in the history of Indian web series!

Anand Tiwari

You have recently seen him as the dart-obsessed/ non-flusher/ intern-pricker boss from Official Chukiyagiri, Ganesh. A very familiar face one would think when they first see him and that’s because he has been acting in the entertainment industry for a long time. But if we had to point out to that one man in the web world today who is a producer slash director slash writer slash actor, it will be none other than Anand Tiwari. He co-produced Official Chukiyagiri and Girl in The City. He also directed and co-wrote the smashing hit web series called Bang Baaja Baarat. *phew*

Watch Bang Baaja Baarat and Girl in the City to relive the fun!

In an age where homegrown TV entertainment is at best mediocre and at worst, migraine-inducing, this multifaceted bunch of talent and initiative from the internet only shines out in stark relief. May their tribe grow and prosper.



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