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indibeat Recap: 5 Big Stories From The Week That Was

indibeat Recap
indibeat Recap


indibeat Recap: 5 Big Stories From The Week That Was

Been zoning out all week? Here’s the lowdown on the headlines you missed.

With the year approaching its conclusion, there seems to be more thrills in the air than chills! The week that went held a perfect cocktail of shocks, surprises, reliefs, and celebrations. While the #demonetization move still kept us hooked to our television sets each day, praying no lightning strikes again, the news of “Amma”’s demise was equally unsettling. There have also been other celebrations, scandals, and upcoming announcements. Here’s a review of the some of the biggest stories from last week. 

Amma’s demise, Twitter reactions, and a new entry


December 5th was indeed a black day for all supporters of J Jayalalitha (five-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, and the AIDMK supremo), who lost their “Amma”. The once teen starlet who had worked with the bluebook of the Tamil cinema in the 60s and 70s and was hugely loved and worshipped by the masses, passed away on Monday. Meanwhile, the howling TV channel reporters kept the world informed of her health status in the bid to earn the tag “the first news channel to break the news!”, even as there were those who announced her dead before her time.  

Tweets poured in from the Indian film Industry, and among that Mr. Kamal Hassan took to Twitter saying “Deepest sympathies with those who are concerned.” Needless to mention, he has already been trolled for his rather blatant thoughts. While O. Panneerselvam takes over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, here’s looking back at Jayalalitha’s formidable legacy. Remember those 10,500 saris, 750 slippers, 500 wine glasses in court?

Arun Jaitley’s cashless New Year gift


The #demonetization drama is on and shows no sign to be sorted soon. But, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s soi-disant cashless New Year’s Gift does manage to get a rubbery smile (at least!) among the masses. From discounts on toll payments, online railway bookings, buying fuel, or booking railway facilities to availability of two swipe machines in one lakh villages or service tax waiver on card (debit/credit) transactions for upto 2000, you gain with digital payments.

Yuvraj Singh and  Hazel Keech Wedding


Perhaps the only breath of fresh air among all the mourning and tension was the marriage and reception of Yuvraj and Hazel. While they make the best looking couple we have seen in the recent times, we thank them for giving us a reason to cheer! Not to forget, the presence of the most talked about celeb couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, and their ‘Bhangra’ stint at the grand wedding.

List of  Operating Systems that will say goodbye to Whatsapp in 2017


This one’s a shocker for all those who are still loyal to their, dare we say, vintage phones. So, if you are still clinging on to your phone that runs on iOS 6 and lower, with Android Éclair 2.1 or Android Froyo 2.2, or the Windows 7 version, it’s time you say adieu to Whatsapp on these operating systems from 2017. Bury them deep down or simply drop it into the nearby creek; it’s time you know “loyalty” does not count anymore.

Enters plastic Rs 10 notes : Cleaner, Last Longer


Plastic notes? You heard it right. We have yet another surprise from the Government that we will soon take the route of plastic or rather polymer Rs.10 notes. With this, we will join the league of countries like, Australia, New Zealand, or Vietnam who have implemented the same strategy in the last few years. Wow! Toy notes anyone? 

Compiled by Madhuparna Sukul.



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