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Indibeat Recap: The Week That Was



Indibeat Recap: The Week That Was

Been zoning out lately? Here’s a peek into what India was talking about in the past week.

Monday, December 19, gave us another reason to feel the blues as we woke up with the news that we now have to explain the deposits of over Rs.5000 in old currency! From blame games thereafter, and hearing name calling like, “Pappu” and Bluffmaster to random implementation of rules for littering in public and more, here’s a rundown of the top news from the week between December 18 and 24, 2016. 

RBI lifts the Rs 5000 deposit rule in just two days


The nation was in for a shock when it heard that the deposit of old notes above Rs.5000 will be now questioned despite Government’s initial rule that allowed deposits in old notes till December 30. Alas! And, we the forever optimist citizens of India thought our nightmare will be soon over! But, while we were still busy nursing our wounds, in a surprise move the (fairly ridiculous) rule was lifted! Hmm. So, whoever said “it pays to be optimistic” was right for a while.  

Saifeena blessed with baby boy, named Taimur; Gets trolled by Twitter


So, the much talked-about pregnancy in town finally got its results with a cute little baby boy. But, the thrill was not to end so soon, as “Saifeena” named their child Taimur Ali Khan! All hell broke loose on Twitter and the couple was royally trolled for naming the baby after the much infamous brutal Turko-Mongol ruler Timur-e-Lang. Well, the newborn already marks his entry into Bolly with his first scandal, and aren’t we lovin’ it?

Forget LPG Subsidy if you earn over Rs. 10 Lakh


As the saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, it’s time you get tougher if your income is over 10 lakhs annually. Because, you are soon going to lose that LPG subsidy, thanks to your income! That sounds mean, does it? We wonder if it’s time to go back to the “chulha chauka” (mud hearth) days?

Forbes rates PM Modi 9th among world’s most powerful people

TTW4-dec23 (1)

While we indeed take pride in the fact that PM Modi is rated 9th among the world’s most powerful people by Forbes, we are still confused if this man is doing us more harm than good and if we should still nod to his “Achhe Din” slogan with agreement!

India’s economy surpasses that of United Kingdom for the first time in 150 years


Among all the hullabaloo of the #demonetization, blame games, exposes and controversies, India surpassed United Kingdom, its once colonial master, in terms of GDP and future growth prospects. It took 150 years for us to reach this stage, all thanks to our rapid economic growth over the last 25 years. Hmm…

(Does anyone else fee like screaming – Show me the money!)

Compiled by Madhuparna Sukul. 



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