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Highlights 2017: 10 Stories That Impacted The Indian Millennial



Highlights 2017: 10 Stories That Impacted The Indian Millennial

Our take on the top stories this year that had everyone go WTF—one way or another

If you’re one of those who thought it was January like yesterday, allow us to burst your bubble and remind you that the year has whizzed past and we find ourselves at the cusp of 2018.

Okay, most of us will be busy making elaborate plans deciding where to get wasted this New Year’s, but it isn’t half a bad idea to reflect on the year that has gone by, to truly understand how the major events of the year have affected us all.

So, as millennials, what did we love and what did we hate? Well, in case you need a quick recap, here’s our take on just that!

The Things We Loved

 The Year of Indian Women

Yes, there’s a long, long way to go, but 2017 could potentially be heralded as the year that helped set the foundations of women’s empowerment and feminism in this country. The #MeToo campaign—albeit adopted from the West—gave scores of faceless women in the country a chance to stand in unison for themselves too.

On other fronts, the Indian women’s hockey team won the Asia Cup, the cricket team made it to the finals of the World Cup, PV Sindhu won both the India Open and the Korea Open, Mirabai Chanu won gold at the World Weightlifting Championships and Manushi Chhillar was crowned Miss World!

The Courts’ Landmark Decisions

Undoubtedly, the millennials have ruled that the courts were the real heroes this year. From striking down triple talaq, the arrest of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and, most importantly, unanimously upholding our constitutional Right To Privacy, a lot of faith has been restored in the apex courts of our country.

The Freakin’ Gadgets

Technology is ever evolving, and this year saw our smartphone-crazy nation go gaga over the iPhone X, the Samsung S8 the cheaper-yet-just-as-impressive One Plus 5T.

The other gadgets we loved included the VR machines, Sony’s WH-1000XM2 earphones and, for the gamers, there was the highly rated Nintendo Switch too!

The Indian Economy

Our growth rate might’ve been the worst in decades, but for the first time in over 100 years, the Indian economy is expected to surpass Britain to become the 6th largest in the world. Way to one up our former colonial masters, eh?


Earlier this year, ISRO launched a rocket that put 104 satellites into the orbit in one go, while the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s nuclear-capable Agni Missile was successfully tested as well.

The Things We Hated


Ah, the Aadhar. Rushed through as a money bill, it was supposed to be ‘voluntary’, but now we’re being forced to link it to pretty much every aspect of our life.

Given that third parties have our biometrics, data and basically all the information of our entire existence, there’s a huge risk of privacy breach, leaks and misuse, which makes us very, very nervous.


Intolerance in the country is on the rise, and we’ve seen journalists (most notably, Gauri Lankesh) around the country being murdered for standing up against people in power.

Then there’s been heavy censorship on movies like Padmavati, Lipstick Under My Burkha, Indu Sarkar as well as artistes like Sunny Leone, which are sure signs that our mentality has regressed tremendously in the past year.

The Rise of Fringe Groups

Speaking of intolerance, a bunch of hardcore right-wing fringe groups have been emboldened by the current political climate and decided to be relevant all of a sudden.

From harassing couples, to accusing interfaith couples of indulging in ‘love jihad’, from targeting Christmas celebrations to assaulting and even killing people for eating beef and threatening to cut of Deepika Padukone’s nose and offering a crore for burning her alive because of her portrayal of Padmavati—it’s definitely scary and not the ‘tolerant’ India that we were promised.

The Climate and Environmental Issues

Climate change is real, and thankfully, at least our Prime Minister admits so. This year saw the smog in Delhi and parts of North India, floods in Gujarat and West Bengal, more than a few cyclones and pollution all aroundof all kinds—create a nuisance for all of us.

And when Samaritans like Afroz Shah tried to clean up the beaches, they were threatened and forced to stop that too. Sad times, indeed.


The Goods And Services Tax was independent India’s single biggest tax reform, but it certainly didn’t go as planned. Paying 28% tax for toothpaste and shampoo isn’t exactly beneficial for people in any way, while small businesses were directly affected because they had no idea how to file the taxes.

After much furore, the government did update its list—and while things like dining out and basic essentials have gotten cheaper, the confusion and scepticism overall still prevails.

So yep, that was our review of 2017. And if you’re looking for a more elaborate and much funnier take on the same, you can always watch this!

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