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Hardik Patel Sex Tape: What Young India Thinks About ‘Dirty Politics’



Hardik Patel Sex Tape: What Young India Thinks About ‘Dirty Politics’

The public is divided over the scandalous non-scandal

Why is it that a country that gave Kama Sutra to the world centuries ago still gets scandalised by sex? Not to forget, the same country is also home to a whopping 1.3 billion people. It certainly could not have happened without sex, right? Even so, anything to do with the birds and the bees is tabooed — even worse if goes public!

In case you missed it, two sex videos of Patidar leader Hardik Patel have gone viral on the internet. This happened on November 13, days before the Gujarat elections, and has left people divided. Could it be a political ploy? Has he been framed? Should we really care?

The First Reaction

These clips have once again opened the Pandora’s Box of the debate around sex. Well, to be precise – ‘ethical sex’.  And the first reaction obviously came from the man himself.

A furious Hardik had this to say (on Twitter):

“I am a man, I am not impotent. The BJP has attacked my personal life. There are many people in the BJP. I will also come out with their CDs. Hardik has become big. Crores of rupees are being spent to defame me. Dirty politics has begun. I am not bothered but Gujarat’s women are being insulted.”

Sounds about right. He’s a man, why can’t he have sex?

Opinions Divided

When it comes to sex, we can never expect everyone to agree on one point. Here’s what young India thinks.

“This is definitely a dirty strategy by people to defame Hardik, and the timing of the video proves who’s behind it. Why should a person’s personal life be a topic of public discussion anyway? Don’t we all do it?,” asks 26-year-old Sudip Thakur, a private tutor from Asansol.

Unlike some of the other sex clips and MMS videos that caused waves in the past, we seem to have gotten over this one pretty quickly. And that’s a great sign. We’ve finally grown up!

“The sex CD non-scandal shows that India has grown up. BJP can now banish Children’s Day, erase Nehru,” said a writer in his Facebook post.

Earlier this week, Twitter was also abuzz with people coming forward and sharing their thoughts on the ‘scandal’. Again, we saw varying opinions.

“Hardik Patel with girl in hotel room. This man is an insult to Patidar community. He’s only fooling them,” said Vishal Suryavanshi on Twitter.

On the other hand, there were those who came out in full support of the freedom to have consensual sex. That’s freedom that shouldn’t be tampered with, right?

“Even if it is Hardik Patel in that video, why should he be ashamed of having consensual sex? Those who filmed these private moments are the ones who should be ashamed,” Seema Goswami rightly said on Twitter.

These videos will most likely be hotly debated for the next couple of days. What’s your take on the matter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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