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New Year Goals: 10 Apps To Help You Manage Your Expenses



New Year Goals: 10 Apps To Help You Manage Your Expenses

Want to be a little less broke this year? Check out these free apps that promise to help you adult better.

You think you have a well-planned budget in place, but you still tend to go broke towards the end of the month. Or… thanks to that nasty breakup, you just swiped your credit card and bought a luxe watch, all in that one emotional split second. Do either of these sound like you? They call overspending a Money Worshipping Disorders in financial psychology, an excess of which can only spell financial ruin when you least expect it. Whether we like it or not, managing our expenses is an inevitable part of having that spending power in the first place.

Thankfully, that very smartphone you’re now in debt over might be of some use here. Check out these must-have free apps that aim to curb your spending habits.


Moneywise allows you to add your expenses on the move, as well as add and keep track of multiple accounts. It supports different budgets and budget types, lets you tag income and expenses under different heads, and much more. You can view detailed graphs or the complete budget for a month, week, or a day even with no internet connection. Now, that’s what we call versatility.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3


This is by far one of the most popular financial apps to help check your expenses. Manage your finance for multiple accounts, sync with other devices, transfer data in CSV files, get detailed custom budgets, view your expenses in graphs, charts and do a lot more with this app. We love the infrequent ads that don’t distract us as much as the others.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.7

Expense Manager by Markus Hintersteiner

The simple design and intuitive interface allow you to record your expenses quicker than you imagine. What’s the USP? Add a category to your expense that helps you to get detailed statistics and further information. Devoid of ads, this app makes for a great tool to curb those needless expenses like, the pizza treat last night even though you had leftovers at home? Remember?

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3

Easy Currency Convertor

If you are bitten by the travel bug, this app’s easily a must-have as it helps you to convert between currencies even when without internet access. With live exchange rates in your palms and the ability to convert multiple currencies at time, it can help manage your finances better when you’re on the move.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3

Mobills Budget Planner

Got a credit card bill to pay next month? This no-ads app not just reminds of your bills due, but also helps you to manage expenses. Through easy recording of expenses, graphical representations, or filtering expense reports with category, you are just a step away from that perfect monthly budget with this app.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.5

Financial Monitor Bookkeeping

If you got a family, joint budget is a great idea. This app lets you sync the data between different devices. What more? Your data is completely secured by an unlock method or a PIN. Less ads, a simple interface, and addition of future options are some of the other features that make it a winner.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.6

ET Money

Whether you shop online, use netbanking, or withdraw cash from ATM all that can be sorted at one go with the app SmartSpends, or ET Money as it’s known now. It automatically piles up all your transactions in one place, tracks your investments, manages your bills, and so much more.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3


Splitting the rent or the food bill can be tricky, but not anymore with the Splitwise app. Whether you shared a pizza on a Saturday night or finished that wine together, this app is the perfect way to help you figure out those once in a while group expenses. Log the expenses and simply let the app split it up to make your life simpler.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.6

Good Budget 

If you have ever used Mvelopes, you would know how similar it is. It’s an effortless flicker between the recurring expenses and the “not-so-common” expenses. Moreover, you can even share budgets across devices with your roommates, SO, or spouse. 

Price: Free | Rating: 4.4


This sweet app helps you manage debts whether in money or things. That’s super isn’t it? Borrowing is fine till you do not run the risk of being thrashed! So, keep a record of all your debts, payment dates, get reminders automatically, and stay clean at all times.

Price: Free | Rating: 4.3



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