As much as we’d like to, we can’t not mention steaks in Mumbai in the same breath as the Beef Ban. It has deprived meat lovers in the city of a chance to quietly enjoy a piece of meat without a fuss — but hey, that’s life for you.

While the chances of drooling over steaks in the city have been rendered rare (get it?), there are still restaurants that, thankfully enough, serve a mean carabeef steak.

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We’ve listed down the best ones for you!


Although we usually refrain from any sort of bias, there’s no way we could leave a personal favourite off the list.

Why? Well, because Imbiss is an absolute meatfest! Huge, delicious portions at cheap prices = value for money. It’s simple math, really.

What’s not to love?

Where: Bandra and Colaba
Cost for two: Rs. 800


Considering it’s a gorgeous fine-dining restaurant, it’s definitely not going to be as cheap as Imbiss. If you’re a simple steak-and-potatoes person, though, Ellipsis serves one of the best classic steaks. If you can afford it, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Where: Colaba
Cost for two: Rs. 2500

Indigo Deli

Indigo’s chain of restaurants around the city are well renowned for all the right reasons. A culinary delight in its own right, the restaurant seldom disappoints — which is why it’s an obvious pick for a finely-cooked steak.

Where: Colaba, Lower Parel, Ghatkopar, Bandra, Andheri, and Malad
Cost for two: Rs. 2500

The Sassy Spoon 

Regular steaks are all well and good, but here’s what Sassy Spoon has on offer: A coffee- and pepper-crusted steak with mash potatoes, sautéed vegetables, balsamic dressing, and… Coffee.

Sounds unique? Well, it definitely has us sold!

Where: Bandra and Nariman Point
Cost for two: Rs. 2000


Yes, we all love the traditional steak, but wouldn’t it be nice to experiment a little and give it a slight twist?

Kofuku’s Hambagu Steak is cooked Japanese-style and is unlike any other steak you’ll ever eat. If you’re an adventurous soul, we highly recommend you dig in!

Where: Bandra(W)
Cost for two: Rs. 2000