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Style Beyond Size: In Conversation With Aashna Bhagwani



Style Beyond Size: In Conversation With Aashna Bhagwani

The fashion blogger believes our society is adapting to body positivity – slowly but surely

With over 70k followers on Instagram, Aashna Bhagwani is one of the most popular plus-size fashion and lifestyle bloggers in India. Putting together a riot of colours, clothes and class, she aims to spread body positivity amongst the curvy brigade through her blog Beyond That Buffant.

In an interview with indibeat, Aashna talks about self love and the changing fashion scene for plus-size people in India.

IB: What’s the idea behind your blog?

I always had an eye for fashion and posing in front of the camera at every opportunity I got. I found my passion in the blogging community, which combined both.

Beyond That Bouffant is my personal style blog, where women — irrespective of their size and appearance — should be able to enjoy fashion as much as I do.

IB: What’s your personal style philosophy?

I have heard everywhere: the key to being fashionable is being comfortable with what you wear. But I think the key to being fashionable is to explore, to get out of your comfort zone, try new styles, and adapt to new trends on a small scale.

You might be surprised how little things can take your style to the next level!

IB: Some believe fashion is only for skinny girls – what drives you to challenge this notion?

It’s all thanks to my willingness to give my passion importance, and the support I received from those around me.

I have always been a healthy and chubby girl. I grew up with my grandmother who, at that time, had a boutique. So I was always surrounded by beautiful clothes.

At a young age I realised I wanted to grow up and do something in ‘the fashion world’ and I knew for a fact that my appearance can’t stop me. I am more than that, and I deserve more.

IB: Your advice to young girls facing body image issues?

Young girls are surrounded by all kinds of media, and the image this industry portrays is not always right. Body confidence and women’s empowerment are not just things to say. The struggle to adapt and accept yourself is too real — but it’s not impossible.

Over recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the plus-size blogging community, where bloggers are using Instagram and other social media channels to promote body positivity.

Women have finally found people around themselves to look up to and feel confident.

IB: A bizarre fashion myth you’ve come across?

‘Black makes you look skinny’ — I never really understood this. It makes women think that other colours are off limits, and because of this, they don’t experiment. What’s the point of styling yourself if you can’t flaunt vibrant colours?

IB: What’s your take on plus-size fashion in India? Do you think there’s enough to choose from?

Body positivity is something to which our society is adapting slowly but surely. I see so many Indian women still hiding behind straight fits and baggy clothes.

But being a full-time fashion blogger, I have also understood the level of change there has been, where women are now going outside their comfort zones and trying out new trends.

I work with many small-scale plus-size fashion brands who are aware of the need for plus size clothing, and there is definitely a big market for it. However, I would like to see some commercial brands and designers release plus-size collections too. We ladies also deserve to jump on the trend wagon.

IB: What are your favourite fashion brands or shopping hubs?

Online stores such as Calae, Amydus, Nubella, Afamado. And in-stores like Juna Rose, and Marks & Spencer.

IB: What’s the one fashion trend you’re looking forward to in 2018?

2017 was about minimalistic styles, powder pink, and bringing back the 90s. I would love to see more futuristic designs incorporating classy prints and cuts in 2018.

Image Credit: Aashna Bhagwani




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