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Can Your Wear Gym Clothes Everyday Without Compromising on Style?

Can Your Wear Gym Clothes Everyday Without Compromising on Style?


Can Your Wear Gym Clothes Everyday Without Compromising on Style?

The answer is yes — but only if you follow some golden style rules.

If you are into working out (running, yoga, CrossFit) then you will agree when we say that nothing beats the comfort of yoga pants. And compared to a sports bra, the regular strappy bra feels like a harness! Ouch.

But here’s the deal; thanks to the trend of “Athleisure” wear, wearing gym clothes every day and everywhere, especially to work is not a taboo anymore. In fact, women are ditching the skinny jeans and opting for stylish yoga pants and not with the intention of doing a downward dog. The simple and stylish truth is that gym clothes or athleisure wear is no longer dowdy — on the contrary it is chic, comfortable and makes you feel confident.

But before you head out for that meeting post your workout, remember that what may look super chic on Victoria Beckham, may not have the same impact on a professional like you; especially since you may have ten things to get done in a day. And did we mention, the humid Indian weather just adds to the woe?

Here are 3 can’t ignore rules of wearing gym clothes every day (and not looking like you just stepped out of the gym):

Think of It as Fashion and Not Just Gym Clothes

If you are serious about effortlessly sporty, then you need to shop for gym clothes like you would purchase your serious fashion items. E.g.: Jeans. It’s not just about walking into a store and picking up a sweatshirt and running pants but you need to invest time and energy and finding your ideal look. Think of it as a style upgrade and take it from there.

Style Tip: Athleisure trend is more than pants and stretchy tops. You can also pair a sporty dress with a blazer for a busy workday.

Keen to figure out your ideal look? Then check this for style inspiration.

What’s Trending?

Up until a year ago, fitness wear did follow any specific trends. But that changes quickly when supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner started donning and getting photographed in chic gym clothes in specific style. So it’s important that you keep yourself abreast with the latest trends, colours, and patterns.

Style Tip: You can experiment with hues especially since large patterns and bold prints are big this year. A paisley jacket is all you need if you want to be slightly cautious.

Check out these super fancy sporty looks to know how to mix and match colours and prints.

Bring Out the Accessories  

Some interesting accessories like a ring, necklace or even a scarf can take your athleisure look straight from gym to the boardroom. But make sure that you don’t go overboard (it tends to happen with accessories) and stick to one or two pieces at max, for the right impact.

Style Tip: Wearing a scarf in an interesting manner is a sure shot way to showcase some serious and sporty fashion chops.

If you are in a 9-5 job, then this sleek look will inspire you to adopt the athleisure look.

Now that you are aware of the unshakable and breakable rules of wearing gym wear to work, go ahead and change you look to make heads turn.

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