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6 Classy Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Wedding

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6 Classy Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Wedding

Wondering how to strike the right balance between thoughtful and WOW? Here are some great gifting options for your best friend’s wedding day.

You were the first one they called to share the news of their engagement. The first of all the friends who got to meet their significant other. The one whom she sought out to help pick a honeymoon destination or her wedding lehenga. You are probably equally or more excited about the song selection for the sangeet ceremony and have already become Facebook friends with half their fiance’s family.

It’s your best friends wedding and you got to give the couple something special and memorable. Here are a few gifts that we thought would take take your mind off the confusion and let you enjoy every bit of mere yaar ki shaadi.  

E-Gift cards from a travel app

Newlyweds can never get enough of each other and what’s better than a holiday for them? Of course they may have already planned a fancy honeymoon, but who said one is enough? Gift them some credit points with a travel app and they can plan their own short trip whenever they like. You don’t even need to go overboard with this. They can always pay extra if they choose to do a longer stay! Trust us, they will never get tired of thanking you for this. Pooja Nathani, 25, a recent bride from Mumbai says, “I was so happy that my friends gifted me the freedom to choose my own destination and dates. We used the points to celebrate our third month anniversary.” Here’s an example of such gift cards.

A 5-star suite for their wedding night

It’s always better to gift an experience than something that the couple may or may not use. You can club the stay with a foot spa or breakfast in bed. You can also request the hotel to put scented candles and flowers in the room (most of them usually do it complimentary so don’t forget to bring it up). Let the two unwind after their 3-day long wedding celebrations. Aditi and Harsh, who got married in Kolkata last year, were gifted a one-night stay in Taj Bengal by a bunch of their friends. Harsh till date jokingly references the gift saying, “What ya, guys! You could have booked the presidential suite for us!”

Wine in a box

Wine gets better with time and so do marriages. We found these really amazing wine boxes that you can gift your BFF and their spouse on their wedding. If you want your gifts to be personalised, you can go for customized labels on the wine bottles. You can also team them up with a pair of wine glasses. Now this gift is something that the couple will always preserve and use it only on their special moments. Which means they will remember you on all those special moments. Isn’t that great?!

PS: If wine is not the tipple of choice for your BFF, you can also go for a classic Scotch.

Portable speakers  

Karan, a 24-year-old businessman from Kolkata, says, “I gifted portable speakers from JBL to my friend on his wedding and they carried it and drove all around Spain on their honeymoon.” Whether the couple loves their music, are frequent entertainers, or travel freaks, a good pair of speakers will Just. Blow. Their. Mind.

Exquisite bath essentials

We can never have enough of those sweet-smelling slender-looking shampoo bottles, aromatic and essential oils, body butters, and luxurious shower gels. And it’s true that not only women but even men like such things. Just because they hardly invest in fancy bath products doesn’t mean they will not use them once they have it. A beautiful hamper of beauty and bath products is a great gift idea, especially if your BFF has an attachment towards a particular brand or aroma. You can club this hamper with personalized linen towel sets as well.

Branded stuff on their wishlist

Everybody has that one (or more) brand that they swoon over. Whether it’s designer shoes and handbags from Louis Vuitton, a pair of watches from Tag Heuer, or even sports gear from North Face for your really adventurous friend, you can’t go wrong with designer gifts. The good thing is that you’re probably already aware of which brand or product line really gets your friend going. By setting an online alert in advance, you may even stumble upon some crazy discounts. Planning is key, my friend!

We hope this helps you decide what to get your friends for their wedding. And it better be something nice because what you give is what you get 😛



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