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Pamper Your Pets

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Pamper Your Pets

5 best pet spas across India

Urban India’s millennials lead hectic lives as they successfully juggle to-do lists, work commitments and #lifegoals. But what happens to your beloved pet as you negotiate through life?

Welcome to the age of luxury! One which even your furry friend can indulge in.

From aromatherapy baths and massages to hair (fur?) colouring and pedicures, pampering your pet means a lot more at these pet spas.

Find the one closest to you and gift your doggo a great time.

1. Poochmate, Delhi

Located in Sainik Farms, Poochmate is one of Delhi’s best pet grooming centres.

A full service here includes a bath, brushing, and nail trimming among other tiny procedures guaranteed to relax your dog.

If you’re a hands-on pet parent, they even let you bathe your dog on premises, using their equipment, for a small fee. Preethi handles most pets during a session, and comes highly rated for her skills at handling all kinds of dogs.

Poochmate also stocks premium in-house dog accessories.

Find them here.

2. Doggie Dog World, Mumbai

Andheri is known for being funky but Doggie Dog World is one of the best things to have happened to the city.

Located off 7 Bungalows, this spa believes in providing international standard services to your beloved dogs and cats. Baths, blow dry, and oil massages here are on point.

The swanky 2500 sq ft pet wellness centre also has a UV sterilised pool, where dogs can indulge in hydrotherapy. They also offer obedience training and day-care boarding facilities.

Find them here.

3. Pet Stepin’, Bangalore

One of the oldest pet grooming centres in Bangalore, Pet Stepin’ is known more for its lush, tree-shaded centre which offers boarding and daycare facilities.

However, their grooming packages are equally fun. Indulge your pooch with a pawdicure and a trim, or let an acupressure massage relieve any stress.

Competitive pricing and a team that lavishes personal attention deserves our woof of approval.

Find them here.

4. Gordon Just Fur Dogs, Pune

Excessive care of your pets seems to be their motto.

This Pune grooming centre comes highly recommended for their attention to detail when it comes to squeaky clean pets — mostly dogs.

Run by an expat, the centre is inviting, and grooming is focussed on your pet’s skin and coat health.

Expect luxury baths, skin and hair serum treatment, dematting, and other services to keep your pet happy, healthy, and smelling great!

Find them here.

5. Pet-a-touille, Hyderabad

Set in a lovely Secunderabad bungalow, this is a highly preferred pet boarding and grooming centre.

Pets are not kept in cages, and can usually be found happily running around the house.

Grooming services include bathing, hair trimming and other simple, known therapies. Facilities such as day care, a puppy crèche, and organised play dates make them stand apart from other players.

Find them here.

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