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How Pet-Friendly Are Our Cities?

How Pet-Friendly Are Our Cities


How Pet-Friendly Are Our Cities?

Places in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore that welcome both you and your pet for a good time!

For people who adore their dogs as much as I do, leaving on trips, or even going out of the house aside from work, can never be a spur of the moment decision.

Who will feed him? Who will take them on walks? What if they get lonely? What if I get lonely? The questions never end.

However, in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, there are hotels and restaurants that let you bring your furry friend along!

Which city, then, is the most pet friendly?  They all seem to make their case, however we are firm believers in dogs getting ample opportunity to run free, so…


Mumbai has four functional dog parks, one each in Yari Road – Versova, Carter Road – Bandra, Priyadarshini Park – Napean Sea Road, and ZOIC Pet Park – Borivali.

Aksa and Versova beaches see dogs gambolling in the waves with their parents every morning.

The pet-friendly hotels in the city are the Lakeside Chalet Marriott’s Executive Apartments in Powai, the Chateau Windsor Hotel in Churchgate, and Vivanta by Taj – President, in Cuffe Parade. Here are some more.

How about restaurants?

There’s Doolally Taproom in Reclamation, Bandra, where you can bring your dog along while you sip (or chug) their home brewed pints of beer.

And then you have Gostana in Khar, where they’ll serve you healthy burgers and other nibbles, while your pet can lounge comfortably beside you. They do want an hour’s notice before you bring your pet, though.

The Moshe’s outlet in Cuffe Parade welcomes your four-legged friend, but only in their outdoor seating section.

The Bagel Shop, on Pali Naka road in Bandra, serves great bagels, have reasonably good wifi, and allows your bring your dog with you. While dogs are also only allowed in their outdoor section, the place is so pretty that you won’t mind at all.

Leaping Windows in Versova, Andheri is a quaint little place nestled in the tree lined streets of Yari Road, where you can get excellent continental food, browse their comics at your leisure, and relax in their outdoor section with your dog.


Bangalore has Cubbon Park for your dogs to have their play dates in.

For a little staycation, take them to Casa Cottage in Richmond Town, which allows up to five pets, under 100 lbs, for no additional fee. Hotel Bangalore Gate, at Kempe Gowda Road, also allows guests to bring their pets along for their stay.

As for restaurants in Bangalore, there’s Sunny’s, a fine-dining place on Lavelle Road that welcomes dogs as well as humans. The dogs are allowed only in their outdoor section, and need to stay leashed.

The French Loaf in Koramangala is a cute little coffee shop where you can hang out with your pet in peace.

Rasta Cafe, on Mysore Road, open 24 hours, is a great idea for when your dog drags you out for a walk at an ungodly hour.

The Hole In The Wall Cafe in Koramangala is a great place for breakfast, and is dog friendly. But do keep your pet on a leash as it tends to get crowded.


Delhi’s Lodi Gardens is the only dog park where dogs can run free.  In fact there has been some recent uproar by citizens demanding more parks to be dog-friendly.  

However, you can still take advantage of the 35k+ parks in Delhi NCR, but parents are warned that most people do not appreciate a large, overexcited furball pouncing on them, so keeping them leashed is safer.

B and B New Delhi in Maharani Bagh are happy to welcome your pooch when you come to stay. Dee Marks hotel and resorts, adjoining Shiv Murti on NH8, will offer you and your pet a happy, luxurious stay.

As for restaurants, there seems to be only one listed as pet friendly, and it’s not even in New Delhi.  Cafe Canine in Gurgaon caters to both pets and their families, and doubles up as both a cafe for both two- and four-legged patrons.

Do you know of any other pet-friendly restaurants and hotels in Indian cities? Tell us in the comments!

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