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10 Adorable Indian Dogs To Follow On Instagram



10 Adorable Indian Dogs To Follow On Instagram

These doggos will add a whole lot of cute to your Instagram feed

Instagram has become one of the go-to places for pet lovers, dogs included. In fact, it is responsible for making many pups social media famous, because you know, #DogsAreBetterThanPeople!

If you love dogs just as much as we do, follow these Indian pooches on Instagram and be prepared for cuteness overload:

1. The Golden Kira

This playful golden retriever is as beautiful as she is adorable. If you’re ever in need for a happiness shot, her photos are sure to cheer you up instantly.

2. BruNgel

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs, of course. Say hello to the precious doggie brothers known as BruNgel: Bruno the Lhasa Apso, and Angel the labrador.

3. Olive

If you think pups are the best, you absolutely have to check out Olive, ‘the flower pup’. A lively little girl, she will make you chuckle with her hilarious antics and Insta captions.

4. Kottayamkaran

Owing to his wolfish features, this Siberian husky is a mix of stunning and intimidating. But looks can be deceiving. His proud owner clearly states that he is “cute and fluffy” and “friendly with everyone”.

5. Cherry the Pug

Pugs have caught our eye ever since we were introduced to that little pupper in the ‘you and I‘ Hutch ad. And Cherry is just as cuddly.

6. King Simba

Sunday mornings are the best! Zlatan mode on ⚽️️😋

A post shared by Simba (@kingsimbathechow) on

Meet Simba, cricketer KL Rahul’s sprightly Chow Chow dog. One look at this fur ball is enough to know why he has 12.7K followers on Instagram!

7. Cherry the Beagle

Another Cherry, but this one’s a beagle boy. His Instagram largely chronicles moments with his baby sister – a cat called Pringles.

8. Maynard & Chloe

Happy anniversary to #grumpybeaglesunited 🎉🎉🎉 So happy to be a part of it ❤️❤️❤️ let's pawty all weekend arooooooooo #GBU3yAnniTropicalPawty 🥂🥂🥂•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Follow us on Snapchat/Facebook – Maynardandchloe 📲 #beaglegirl#babydog#beaglebaby#mybeautifulbabies#beaglelife#petsoftheday#maynardandchloe#beagles#beagle#dogsofficialdog#beagleofinstagram#beaglemania#ilovemybeagle#dogmodels#dogselfie#beagleworld_feature#puppiesforall#beagleoftheday#puppygirl#dogphotography#dogmodel#boopmynose#bestdogsever#dogsofmumbai#dogsofindia#famousdog#grumpybeaglesunited#famousdogs#petsofinsta#dogsofindia @dogs.lovers @beagleworld @beaglemasters @dogsofinstaworld @beaglefaction @sendadogphoto @dogs_of_world_ @mydogiscutest @indogspot @9gag @bestfriends_dogs @pet_sutra @dogsofinstagram @puppystagrams

A post shared by Mr Maynard & Baby Chloe® (@maynardandchloe) on

Mr Maynard and baby Chloe have a huge following on Instagram and they even have their own Facebook page. It’s probably a result of their visibly endearing friendship.

9. Messrs Brad & Pitt

Hey I just met you This is crazy Here’s our email [email protected] Ping us maybe!!! Go get your email today, and send us loads and loads of fan mail! Mamma is a little tired of writing emails to us and having to type our replies to herself and would LOVE them hear from you! Have YOUR social media secretary contact ours!!! We promise to respond! P.S. our initial attempts at creating this account were a disaster because Mom put our age as 6 and was redirected by google to FTC. Then, she multiplied our ages by 7 and we got mail!!!! #wegotmail #yougotmail #connectedtobusiness #24x7atyourservice #callmemaybe #heythisiscrazy #bowtie #swag #sendusmail #awesometwosome #pingusmaybe #thisiscrazy #haveyoursecretarycallmysecretary #haveyourpeoplecallmypeople #dogsofindia #movingahead #soontobeactiveonallmedia #supawmodel #workingdog #smartypants #smokinhot #dawg #dawggybusiness Please follow our HAWT pawtners @bas.daan_dutchlabs ************************************** GENERAL DISCLAIMER FOR NEW FOLLOWERS (This disclaimer doesn't mean we mind the questions, just that we are tired of answering the same questions over and over again!) Yes, his nose is that way. No he wasn't born with it. No he's not a mix breed. His nose is scarred because of dermatitis. His dermatitis is fully cured now. His fur is growing back slowly. No, he MOST certainly doesn't have mud on his face. No, we will not be clarifying anything beyond this with reference to his nose and scars. Ok? ******************************************

A post shared by MessrsBradPitt (@messrsbradpitt) on

Brad and Pitt are two playful brothers, whose life motto is to have fun and be pampered. Going by their posts, it is apparent that they live by it unapologetically.

10. Chapati

And finally, there’s Chapati. An ex-stray dog from Kochi, he was adopted by a Ukrainian couple as a pup. At that time, he was close to dying on the street. Today, he is a globetrotter vacationing in Italy. Just the underdog everybody loves!

Which dogs are you obsessed with on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: The Golden Kira, Olive




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