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6 Themed Restaurants in Mumbai to Lighten Your Midweek Blues



6 Themed Restaurants in Mumbai to Lighten Your Midweek Blues

Wednesdays are the worst. But we love these city hangouts for their “fun-dining” options.

Whether you’re looking for spaces conducive to daydreaming or want to catch up with friends for a story-telling session — the wonders of the human imagination are best paired with great food, beer, and an eclectic ambience to match.

And these restaurants in Mumbai, a city where stories are forever being told and retold, have caught our fancy on all three counts, by creating an experience that makes dining in them a meal to remember:

Bar Stock Exchange 

The Most Fun Way to Learn About the Stock Exchange

Economics and booze make for a heady mix in this bar. From when the markets open to zero hour, the prices of different liqueurs fluctuate similar to the stock market — giving you a chance to drink some really cheap JD if it’s your lucky day.

What we loved most: The market crashes once a day, and if you’re in the right place at the right time, your alcohol of choice comes to you at rock bottom prices.


A Restaurant Around Bollywood’s ‘Bhai’ Salman Khan

This one takes the obsession with Bollywood stars to a different level — the entire menu is peppered with hilarious references like anda apna apna, and the five co-founders of Bhaijaanz, who are lifelong fans of Salman Khan, have spared no expense in their tribute to the actor.

What we loved most: These guys are a big fan of celebrations, and plenty of discounted rates and special dishes on the menu to look forward to here.

Social Offline

Work Hard, Play Hard

The crazy start-up culture that we are currently surrounded by now has one more place to flourish, thanks to the guys at Social. With outlets in Bangalore, Delhi and two in Mumbai, this one is a co-working space that invites entrepreneurs, freelancers and other in the creative community to come together and collaborate.

What we loved most: Besides the ethos of the place, the food and drinks here are something else worth coming back for, right down to the innovative ways in which they are presented.  

Pratap’s Wild Dining

Back to the Wild With This Jungle Theme

This restaurant takes things outdoors in the best way possible — some excellent grub, a distinctive ambience and that green, green foliage.

What we loved most: This one really takes you out of the concrete jungle, even if it’s for the course of one meal.

UFO Revolving Restaurant

The Perfect Place to Get Some Space

Kandivali’s unique restaurant’s been turning heads with its white, otherworldly glory. With an adorable logo that has an alien’s palm with cutlery in the place of fingers, this place sticks to the theme throughout.

What we loved most: Did we mention that this mini-Star Trek set revolves? No jokes.


Go Underground

This Fort watering hole is the answer for all those working in town, who are looking to skip rush hour and unwind with a drink. This run-down place with exposed walls and graffiti gets the grungy, shabby look (hallmark of all great, inexpensive bars) just right, and offers some mouthwatering Goan bar delicacies like chorizo pao and anglo-Indian mutton to boot.

What we loved most: In keeping with the ambience, they also serve ‘cutting’ versions of drinks. Another big factor where Local scores is – the prices here are super easy on your pocket, and will definitely have you staying for second and third rounds.

We know we all have our favourites, but we don’t claim to know it all. Tell us about your favourites in the comments section!

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