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How To Make Headlines With Your Wedding



How To Make Headlines With Your Wedding

Not the embarrassing kind, but the kind that make your big day the talk of the town

If we were to sum up the current worldwide wedding trend in one word, it would have to be – much like everything else — ‘bespoke’. But if everyone is creating photo booths, fusion rituals and eco-friendly invitation cards, could the final customised event really be that different?

Actually, as far as the Indian Wedding goes, there’s immense scope for improvisation because of the million odd traditions that revolve around it. Read on for some ideas to make your wedding deserve better even than Page 3.

1. The Who’s Who

Make it exclusive. Whether you’d like to send the invitation as a scroll mounted on an empty beer bottle or get a teakwood box with a vintage clock inside (wooden boxes are all the rage from Jalandhar to Kochi) — the point is to make everyone on the guest list feel exclusive.

2. Socialise Smartly

There’s so much social media coverage already that it’s near impossible to unwire even at a destination wedding. The uncles from Jamshedpur are WhatsApping their neighbours, grandmothers are dining on tables loaded with hashtag signage, and everyone is just clicking away.

Want to go online without compromising on quality (and privacy)? Set up a dedicated website and let everyone converge there. You could even live-stream the wedding — the classiest fashion weeks around the world are doing just that.

3. Try Subtlety

Towering cakes and jumbo elephants are impressive, but where’s the surprise?

Grandeur is no more a North Indian thing, or let’s say that everything is becoming too North Indian. It isn’t uncommon to find an Italian harpist playing at a Kerala wedding, or as is the new practice in Telugu weddings — photography using Strada Crane (that’s the tallest in the country, employed by Bollywood chartbusters like Dhoom 3).

In fact, the Telugus are taking it a step further by getting fresh songs composed for their wedding videos which are shot like film sequences. Gimmicks work, throwing holographic projections of Aunty Pimmi or your pet Zoe into the sky would elicit some laughter too, but subtleties are just as noticeable.

4. Go Local

Speaking of the ethnic potpourri that’s redefining traditions, a great way to go completely against the tide would actually be to go for authentic, regional customs.

How about changing the playlist? You don’t have to arrange a performance or even be up to date; try other alternatives like bringing musicians from your family’s ancestral village, or trying a new local genre that isn’t playing on every TV channel.

What did the women in your family wear 200 years ago? Is there a tradition awaiting revival?

5. Lay Out Your Cards (on the Table!)

Every Indian would agree that food is what makes a good wedding, and a bit of extravagance and thoughtfulness here is always appreciated.

Remember the old system of sit-down communal meals with thalis? Scrap the buffet for à la carte designed like a chef’s table and indulge your guests in curated dining experiences.

Today, wedding attendees are eating Tex-Mex in Ahmedabad and Thai in Ludhiana, and food trucks and extensive dessert spreads are replacing clichéd counters. Food is your best space to experiment.

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Mineli Goswami is a 24-year-old Assamese-East Indian, which usually translates into pretty good weekend feasts. When she’s not at her desk struggling with poetry – more often than she’d like – she’s seen wasting time on an assortment of things such as lugging an antique SLR, breaking nails climbing boulders, and chasing turtles. She’s graduated in history and has an unofficial PhD in Bandra-style jiving.

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