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What’s So Special About First Love?

first love

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What’s So Special About First Love?

It stays with you forever, no matter how it ended

Pyaar sirf ek baar hota hai, said Rahul. What does he know, he’s from another generation! But I must admit, the charm of first love is incomparable. Your first ever partner is someone you’ll always remember, no matter how things ended.

A familiar song on the radio, that dried up rose in the notebook, an Archies greeting card with hearts all over it — do these things remind you of your younger days, when you first discovered the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach?

For most of us 90s kids, first love was pure, simple and ecstatic. But that’s not the only reason it was special.

It Just Happens!

Generally speaking, first love happens with most of us during our teen years. It’s only later that you learn to distinguish between love, lust and a crush (that professor of yours was just a crush, and definitely not love!).

When we fall in love at a younger age, we’re not even sure how our feelings will be reciprocated or where life will lead us. But we go for it anyway, and that’s okay!

Nobody fully understands love, not even a genius like Albert Einstein, as he once quoted, “How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?”

The story of your first love affects your future love stories too. There are lessons to learn from this experience, as it will shape and define who you are.

First Love, First Lessons

Fashion design student Urvashi Goenka, 24, tells us what she learned from her first love, which lasted only a year. “He left school and broke all ties with me. I cried for months and got myself alienated from friends too.

“During my class 12 board exams, I devoted myself to studies. It was an excuse for me to forget about him. Finally I let him go and found that I’m a much stronger person and ready to welcome new love in my life. The only difference is – I now know what I’m looking for.”

Another case is love that is not reciprocated, or as I call, it one-sided love.

Investment banker Aman Goel*, 29, tells us, “I have many things to associate with my first love. The song we both used to love is playing in my head right now!”

But since she didn’t want to date him, they chose to remain friends. “We are still in touch but I also respected her decision. After all, life’s not a Bollywood movie in which love will always have a happy ending.”

That’s the key takeaway, I believe. Our movies portray ideal love, but in real life, love is difficult and needs a whole lot of effort to work out. It’s not just a bed of roses!

Whether your love story worked out or not, cherish your first love. Let the memories and the lessons you learned from it, stay with you forever. Also read: Every Break-Up Has A Silver Lining.

*name changed

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