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What’s Better: Online Dating Or Finding A Date The Old Fashioned Way?

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What’s Better: Online Dating Or Finding A Date The Old Fashioned Way?

Do you prefer swiping left and right, or asking someone out purely on the merit of your wit and charm?

Say you walk into a classroom, a house party, a bar, or a bookstore, even. You spot someone cute with whom you manage to make some form of eye contact, and exchange a smile immediately thereafter. You’re drawn towards them, either because you find them interesting, attractive, or both.

So, you make the effort to go and speak to them, and the next thing you know is that you two have got it on like a house on fire. You exchange numbers, go on a date, and although this is a hypothetical scenario, deep down you know this has a lot of potential.

The traditional method of dating is dying quickly, which is a pity because there’s a certain kind of romanticism associated with it. The whole meeting someone in a park or at a sangeet or wherever, forging a conversation, asking them out, getting to know them face-to-face… it’s magical and beautiful.

We don’t mean to diss casual online dating — it has its own perks and appeal, after all. But for many, it’s incomparable to the charms of the traditional methods of courtship.

“When you find someone the traditional way, what works more often than not is that you know there’s an instant connection,” says Rahil Tyrewala, a 25-year-old businessman.

“This ensures the dates are much easier, and that your conversations flow more naturally. You already know the person, so you’re free from the pressure of impressing someone virtually, and thus you know you’re both being yourselves.”

Rahil says that while he has tried online dating, it doesn’t work for him. “From my experience, there’s a lot of judgement from people on apps like Tinder. People assume you’re simply on the lookout for a quick lay, and that notion itself just puts me off.

“Furthermore, you’re judged based on your physical characteristics as opposed to the person you are — which is extremely problematic to begin with. However, if you are looking to date casually or hook up, it’s the place to be.”

Echoing Rahil’s sentiments, 23-year-old Sreya Sethi says, “The only reason I tried Tinder was because it offers a wider pool of options; that’s all. However, a majority of the people you match with are nothing like their virtual selves. The conversations on the date then become forced, and that’s just colossal waste of time and effort.”

Sreya, a law student, also says that the difference between online and offline dating is intimacy. “Considering online profiles are mere façades, it’s difficult to be intimate right off the bat. In fact, you’re often almost setting yourself up for disappointment.

“But when you meet someone and get asked out or ask them out, you know what they look like, talk like, feel like, and to an extent, even smell like! As a woman, that makes my life easier, because it’s more romantic. I know what I’m getting into, so the intimacy comes naturally.”

Of course, all said and done, you could find someone to hook up with at a party, or stumble upon on your soulmate on Tinder. But as Rahil and Sreya concluded, they are two different methods for largely two different experiences.

At the end of the day, though, it all depends on your luck, your approach, and most importantly, on what you seek out of the affair.

Which method do you prefer? Share your experiences with us by commenting below.

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