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#WaybackWednesday: Readers Recall Their First Crush Stories


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#WaybackWednesday: Readers Recall Their First Crush Stories

How did you impress your crush?

When it comes to impressing that special someone, how mushy and creative can you be? Surely you remember your first crush (well, most of us do), and if you’re anything like the young kids today who would  go to any lengths to woo their crush, you too have an interesting tale to tell.

The other day, I came across a news piece on how a man jumped in front of a metro train in Delhi (he was miraculously saved) not because of any accident, but because he wanted to impress his girlfriend! Okay, that’s taking it a bit too far. We’re not endorsing any crazy behaviour,  but young millennials today are in fact very bold and forthcoming about their feelings; they’re out there to declare their love without hesitation. Gone are the days of blank calls and silent admiration. In keeping with this spirit, our readers shared stories of their first love and how far they went to impress their crush — some easy-breezy, others embarrassing, but all equally fun!

The Good Morning Message

An engineering student from Pune, Niharika Nair tells us, “I had a big crush on this guy who was also my neighbour. We got introduced luckily and I couldn’t control the butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know why, but I started stalking him and pinging him–all this with no replies from him. I was a student then, getting meagre pocket money and text messaging was costly (no WhatsApp). I remember coming down from my college to home by foot–a walk of 5km–just to save a few bucks to recharge (add balance to) my phone so that I could message him. When I recall those days, I ask myself, where was that girly attitude I have now?” Sigh… the things we do for love!

I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You

This one is from Ankit Das, an advertising student who liked a girl from his college. Unfortunately she was in another class and the class timings were different. Being love-struck as he was, Ankit used to wait for 3 long hours for her class to end, just so that he could catch up with her. As he tells us, “She was my girlfriend then. I didn’t wait for her to impress her, or to prove my love to her or to anybody else. I just liked it; I just wanted whatever time I could get to be with her.” Simple things like these also spell true love, right?

Bus For My Bae

This is from a Delhi University student Ankur Jain, “I had a big crush on this girl who was in my college. So, while I used to travel in car, she took the DU special bus to college. I thought of joining her one day, just to be around her. And that was a stupid decision totally. The jam-packed vehicle and my absolute amateur bus journey made me miserable, and embarrassed too. Couldn’t get the girl, but got to hear her good laugh! I knew it was not ‘hasee toh phasee’ types for sure!”

Rose Day

As teenagers and during college years, we’ve all excitedly waited for Valentine’s Day. Kritika Nigam from Mumbai tells us, “there was a guy in my college who had proposed to me but I had refused. He still didn’t give up. Sometimes he did things that made me angry and sometimes amazed me. It was the week of Valentine’s, the Rose Day. As soon as I entered college, I started getting roses every 30 minutes. Nobody told me who gave it for me, until the 50th one, when he himself came to give it and broke the suspense. I appreciated his efforts but my answer remained the same.” You know what they say, love is not a one-way street, but there’s no harm trying, right?

To My Better Half, With Love

This one is my personal experience. When my husband (then boyfriend) decided to propose, the whole world had to know. He very creatively designed a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces I got from different people through the day — right from the milkman to the rickshawala, my office guard and my colleagues. I was in office that day. I hadn’t been able to crack the puzzle yet so, when work got done, to my surprise, a taxi was waiting for me with a puzzle card again to take me to a nearby café. Finally, he appeared there, and the proposal happened with all the necessary things like flowers, cake, chocolates, and of course the completed puzzle saying I Love You, Marry Me (with the ring)!

Do you have a first crush or a first love story to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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