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How To Spice Things Up With Your Internet Crush

Internet crush

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How To Spice Things Up With Your Internet Crush

Raise your Internet game to get your crush’s attention

A long-lasting relationship is what old souls like me wish for, but having a crush on someone is simply more exciting! With all the new dating apps and the world within a phone screen’s reach, kuch kuch roz hota hai! Internet crushes add some fun to our mundane existence, don’t you think? (Psst…if you’re wondering what exactly an Internet crush is, it refers to a person you crush on and follow via a blog/vlog, or social media.)

That one name you frantically search for in the ‘viewed by’ list after posting a hot Snap-story and that one ‘love’ reaction on your Facebook update from him/here, are not little things. Who’re we kidding; we live for this!

So if you want to spice things up with your Internet crush, try these five tricks.

1. Meme Motives

In the words of Deeksha Bhushan, 22, “memes will unite us”. They came out of nowhere and changed our lives. Be it doggo memes, self-deprecating humour or memes that are so bad they are good, they are all over the Internet. Memes have practically changed the way we millennials look at life. Obviously then, what do you do when you can’t stop thinking about your Internet crush and WhatsApp conversations are on the verge of dying? You tag them! Find a cool meme and tag them—for no apparent reason. Chances are, your tags will soon become a part of their life and of course they’ll tag you back. And don’t worry about coming off as being annoying because who doesn’t like memes?

2. Snapchat Sass

Whoever came up with Snapchat deserves a Nobel Prize. No, seriously. The filters make you look fabulous and crazy good, and the stickers are so on point, they do half your work. “I love baffling him with dirty snaps when he’s at work”, says Radhika Agrawal, 21, who’s keeping the spark alive in her long distance relationship.

Snapchat is not just a photo-based chatting app, it’s art. You get the picture right, the filters going well for you and add stickers that shout out sass, there’s no way your crush won’t fall for it, no way. Go ahead and send those ‘oops-wrong-person’ selfies that they can’t help but notice!

3. Quiz Them Up

Okay, we might go head over heels for guys who look like Ian Somerhalder in the making but what’s beauty without brains? Challenge your crush to a quiz and beat them at your favourite category. They’ll want to throw it right back at ya, keeping the conversation alive (that’s the point, right?) Plus, it will show them that you’re more than just a pretty face.

4. Match Over Music

It’s all fun and games till you start sharing your music. That’s when things get real! You get to know what a person is really like by their musical taste. What better way to tell them what you’re like and what you think about them than sharing your favourite song—either on Youtube, Spotify or any other app! Be it Closer by The Chainsmokers or Promise by Ben Howard or even Kumar Sanu’s Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain, show them what you’re really about and if they start sharing their favourite music with you, that’s a green signal right there.

5. Share Articles

Links to good articles are secret links to the heart. Trust me, I’m a writer. So if you read an awesome article about how to spice things up with your Internet crush and don’t share the link with your real crush, well that’s a wasted opportunity. Imagine them reading this right now and smiling like an idiot thinking about the efforts you’re ready to put in just to get a little bit more of them. You could also send them links to travel articles, weekend gigs and anything you think they might enjoy reading.

So the idea is to be spontaneous. Send that risky text, share that funny selfie, take pride in your generation’s uniqueness and get your Internet game going. If you have any more tips on successful crushing, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. God knows we all need it!

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar



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