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The Romance Of The Rains


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The Romance Of The Rains

On Rain Day today, millennials share their favourite monsoon stories

The heavenly showers, the cool, cloudy weather and the occasional sight of the rainbow — there’s something so purely romantic about the rains. This natural phenomenon is truly magic, and many of us wait eagerly for the annual aphrodisiac!

The very thought of it makes me blush. As a teenager, a college-goer and later in life too, I’ve had many fond memories of the rains. Some childish, some romantic and others quite memorable. Rains are special — they make you feel alive, and there’s hardly a soul that doesn’t like rains. The soothing smell of wet sand, the fresh green leaves all around, colourful umbrellas, the melodious sound of water droplets, you are bound to go poetic. No wonder even the most romantic Bollywood numbers are set against the background of the rains.

The rains have a tendency to make us feel happy and nostalgic — these millennials agree, and share their rainy day romances with us.

Tanuj, a young photographer from Meerut recalls his college days, “I was her secret admirer. We were in the same college but she didn’t know that I had a big crush on her. It was raining that day and instead of finding a hiding place, she was enjoying the rains. Staring at her, I forgot that I was getting wet in rain too. She smiled at me, not because she got to know my feelings, but because I was the only other person around getting wet in rain willingly. At least she smiled!”

Diya Jagota*, a young Indian software professional now living in the US, shares, “I got engaged just before monsoons. I was in India back then. So what we call the courtship period aka the golden period was full on for me. I remember the day when there were thunderstorms, and it was raining cats and dogs. But, you know that when you are in love (especially brand new love), you start liking and adoring even this kind of weather. I called up my fiancée and we went for a long drive. Sounds strange but we were both quiet for at least an hour. The next stop was a chaiwala, a must in such rains. Finally the ice broke and we had a long chit-chat. We headed back home, still talking. And as he dropped me home, he hugged me. That was a first. That was the best rainy day I had.”

Banker Ritika Sobti* shares her loving rainy day story, “The rains take you to another world and on one such rainy day, this guy from office offered to drop me home on his bike, as I hadn’t brought my car. I really enjoyed the ride with him. The next day, I didn’t get my car on purpose! It was raining too that day. The ride was memorable. Maybe because it was raining, maybe because I was with him. He panicked when his bike broke down, but I was super excited as there I was standing with him and enjoying the rain. I never could understand the feelings I had for him, neither did he. And thus, it ended.”

Another young millennial, a married woman, shared what could be the most romantic tale of her college days, “The guy living in my neighbourhood was quite fond of the rains. Each time it rained, he used to come out in his balcony. And I felt the urge to go and see him. We never spoke for two long years, as he was busy preparing for his civil exams, so never bothered to see me (or so I thought). Still, I rushed towards my balcony whenever it rained. One day, he didn’t come to his balcony on a rainy day. As I was about to go back inside half heartedly, my mobile buzzed and there was a message from him! I couldn’t resist asking him why he didn’t come outside. He immediately confronted me and asked: so you have been stalking me? Will you say it first, or should I? It was so quick and so easy! We confessed our love for each other that day. And today, the two of us and our daughter, we enjoy the rains together.”

Adorable, right? As the world celebrates Rain Day today (July 29), soak in the beautiful aroma and the romance of the rains in your city.

*names changed

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




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