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Would You Be Open To A Casual Sexationship?

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Would You Be Open To A Casual Sexationship?

Millennials get candid about love, hookups, and loveless relations

First things first — what on earth is a ‘sexationship’? We don’t blame you if you’re thrown off by this word; not all of us are familiar with new millennial terms. However, we’re no strangers to the millennial dating game. It’s entirely possible that we’ve been involved in a sexationship without ever calling it that!

A sexationship is just what it sounds like — a casual relationship. The kind of relationship where two people have mutually agreed to keep things purely physical, without any emotional involvement or obligation.

‘Going with the flow’ is key here, and both persons involved are (hopefully) in the same head space for this kind of an arrangement to work without anyone getting hurt. Let’s just keep things chill, y’know?

Now for some people, the very idea of having sex without emotional attachment is unfathomable. But for others it works just fine; sometimes, it’s even better!

So what do Indian millennials in general feel about casual sexationships? Let’s take a look.

It’s Not for Me

Project Manager Rahul Sinha (23) is a no-sexationship man. He feels that sex is not all that a guy wants from a woman, contrary to common belief.

“It’s weird for me to get into something like that. If I am dating someone, I must know about that person. That has nothing to do with being in a serious relationship,” he opines.

“I must know what she is like, how she thinks, about her past, a little about her present. We must share some time together without thinking about just getting laid.”

He adds, “Look beyond sex. It doesn’t have to be completely missing, but then within it, you can always find something more and something beautiful that you can cherish.”

Sexationship: Why Not?

Journalist Chandrajit Mitra (22) thinks it’s cool, but only with consent, and given that safe sex is a part of a natural and healthy lifestyle.

He says, “A sexationship can be a taboo according to many, but I think it is one’s own choice. It might vary from person to person — people are judgemental. But how does it matter when it’s between two people and both (of them) agree to it? Just keep it safe and be open to each other.”

Preeti Shrivastava* is also quite intrigued by the idea. After being in a series of failed relationships, she’s contemplating giving it a shot.

She says, “Though I’ve never tried it, I wouldn’t mind getting into one for the experience. But I’m also very sceptical, because I don’t want to fall for someone who wouldn’t fall for me.” *(name changed on request)

As for me, I’m someone who is in a successful sexationship. My guy and I never had that DTR (define-the-relationship) moment, but it was mutually understood that neither of us wants a full-time, serious relationship. As busy professionals, we feel like we cut to the chase sans the romantics of a usual date-first-then-the-deal relationship.

Keeping It Real 

It’s understandable why a casual sexationship may seem like a far-fetched idea, even for the most progressive amongst us. There’s always the question of keeping one’s emotions at bay — even worse if only one of the partners gets emotionally involved!

However, it’s all about perspective and practically, and of course, respecting your partner. So if he or she wants different things, be grown up about it and simply move on. The best bet, in either case, would be to not lead someone on, and lay the truth in front of each other.

Clear communication is the key here, and when that’s taken care of, you’ll find happiness in whatever type of relationship you’re in, casual or romantic.

What’s your take on sexationships? Share your views in the comments below.

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