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What Millennial Women Want In Their Ideal Man


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What Millennial Women Want In Their Ideal Man

Is it the looks, the chemistry, or the bank balance?

Men are often heard saying that the ladies prefer ‘rough and tough’ guys who have a Porsche parked in the garage! Nice guys finish last and bad guys always get the girls. And then there are those who are absolutely clueless about what women want. They’re too afraid to be friend-zoned! It’s such a mystery, right? Come to think of it, it isn’t mysterious at all.

Women just want to be loved, respected and cared for. Well, at least most of us.

To be honest, we’re a confused lot – and it’s genetic! We might come across as ‘not interested’ at first, but we actually might be considering you, taking the opinions of all those who matter to us (our gal pals, siblings, best friends, and hair stylist!). So boys, you need to be patient.

What Makes Our Dream Man

Contrary to what men believe, women are not looking for ‘the whole package’, that is, a guy who loves us unconditionally, looks like Ryan Gosling and earns like Ambani at the same time! Nope, that’s a myth.

It’s 2017 people; women want to be with a man who respects them, both personally and professionally. Not many millennial girls would settle for a guy who doesn’t let her pursue her dreams.

As Ridhima Goyal, 23, a textile designer based out of Delhi says, “I am not going to give up my talent, my career for any guy. Before choosing me, the man needs to promise me that he will allow me to pursue my dreams. Trust is what I look for in my kind of guy – trust in me and my ambitions.”

Leena Thakur, 29, a newly-wed housewife tells us, “I had a desire to marry someone who can be my friend, can make me laugh, is romantic and can make me fall in love with myself all over again. And I’m lucky to have got married to him, as I can be myself when I’m with him. No apprehensions whatsoever.”

A woman yearns for love and friendship, and for a person who can compliment her and add to her personality — someone who never disrespects her, not even in private, who encourages her and stands by her always. These things are way more important than a man’s appearance or bank balance.

Having said that, it’s important for him to be positive and ambitious, with a stable career on the horizon. No self-respecting woman wants a guy who feeds off his father’s inherited income.

College student Priyanka Sood, 21, tells it like it is, “I can’t survive on the moon and stars, and hugs for that matter. My boy needs to be well-settled with both, a financial and social presence. Many girls won’t ever accept this but this truly is essential.”

The Turnoffs 

Some things are simply a turnoff for women: like foolish talk and mindless conversations. Women love intelligence and humour, so keep it witty, guys!

Another turnoff is lack of trust. If you can’t trust her, at least don’t bound her with your regressive, ridiculous expectations of a relationship.

And if you truly want to impress a girl, stop living like a bachelor (being lazy, having a clumsy dressing sense, not bathing, and not taking responsibility for yourself or your family).

Sounds like a lot? Well, if she’s worth it, you gotta work for it!

So instead of worrying about that perfectly trimmed beard, show her a side of you that’s honest and sincere. Above all, be true, be yourself, and you’ll find that it’s not that hard to win her over.

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