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How To Flirt Like A Pro


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How To Flirt Like A Pro

Millennials share 3 cool tips to master the art of flirting

Flirting – something that comes packaged in the box that is dating that excites and terrifies people in equal measure. How often do you find yourself in situations where you’re attracted to someone, but just can’t seem to strike a balance between playfulness and romance without coming across as a creep? And yes, this applies to both men and women – we all like to flirt but it doesn’t always click.

Regardless of whether you’ve been dating someone for months or just got matched on Tinder 5 minutes ago, you must master the art of flirting to ramp up the chemistry.

Let’s hear it from millennials, who know just how to flirt smoothly:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

“Here’s the thing – flirting, just like anything else like math, art or football, can be bettered by practicing. Yes, it’s true, the best flirts are often those who practice on themselves in the mirror.

“In no time you’ll see you’re swooning over yourself and feel a lot more confident than you probably even are! I’ve done this a lot, and most of my dates label my confidence and ability to flirt one of my most charming qualities,” says Sidharth Doshi (27, Bangalore).

Remember how you overcame that fear of trigonometry (or not)? Meet more people, practice flirting.

2. Mind Your Body Language

Apart from the lack of practice, most millennials fail to pay attention to another key aspect of healthy flirting – the body language.

Relationship expert and marriage counsellor Simran Joshi (34, Delhi) had this to say on the subject: “A good flirt will make good use of his/her body to flirt – hand gestures, casual body movement, fluid eye-contact – if you mean what you say, these things should complement what you say.

“For example, if you like her hairstyle, tell her she has amazing hair and tilt your head slightly either side as you say so. Trust me, it works!”

Now, once you attain the right practice and pair that with great body language, you should do just fine. However, an excess of both can be lethal for a blossoming relationship. Which brings us to our next point…

3. Knowing Where to Draw the Line

Sudharma (23, Mumbai) has had her share of good and bad flirting experiences. “You should know where to draw the line with flirting. A good flirt can read how much the person before you is into you. It’s not that hard, listen carefully and gauge what he/she is comfortable with.

“If you come across as someone cocky (read overconfident) or creepy, odds are you won’t have a chance with this person again. Match their pace, listen carefully, read between the lines of the conversation and take cues from their body language to strike a rhythm. Then you’ll truly be unstoppable!”

There you have it. Bookmark this article, re-read it before you head out on your next date, and with a little practice and a whole lotta confidence, you will see people thronging to name you the flirt-god in their circles! And if not, well, you can always rely on a dedicated wingman to talk you up, right?

What are your go-to flirting moves? Share the wisdom in the comments below.

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