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Is Your Guy A Bit Too Unromantic?

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Is Your Guy A Bit Too Unromantic?

He’s never up for a couple selfie!

He is generally reluctant to click photos with you. He forgets your special days and your ‘firsts’. And he no longer opens the door for you! We’re talking about the common species that is the unromantic guy. If this sounds like your man, should you be worried?

Romance Matters

Let’s face it; every girl out there wants a man who will love her, understand her, and handle her drama with patience and affection! But that’s not enough now, is it? He also needs to be romantic — praise her everyday, notice her new dress, buy her flowers, and surprise her every now and then.

Some girls are lucky to have that guy, while the others, not so much. But you know what’s worse? When a formerly romantic lover suddenly turns unromantic.

You know that he loves you, but he still refrains from showing it. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not talking about PDA. Even when it’s just the two of you watching a movie or hanging out, you don’t feel the warmth and pampering anymore. That sucks, doesn’t it?

What’s Changed?

It’s disheartening to watch your boyfriend, partner or husband become unromantic over time. But it’s important for you to remember that it doesn’t translate to loss of love.

Keep in mind that not all guys will shower their girl with chocolates and cheesy texts. And that’s perfectly okay! Romance means different things to different people.

Secondly, it’s very much possible that the two of you have been together a long time. You’ve reached a stage in your relationship where he’s very comfortable around you, and he doesn’t need to do special things to prove his love for you.

It’s also possible that with time, both you and him have gotten more busy than when you were younger. Work stress and responsibilities definitely have an impact on relationships.

So he has simply changed — he’s no longer the kiddo you started dating. And he is, by nature, no longer romantic.

I’m not saying you should ‘deal with it’, just sharing some perspective for you to better analyse the situation. If you feel deprived of a lively romance and that your relationship has lost the spark, you need to bring it up.

What’s Too Unromantic?

Millennial girls will not settle for a guy who is absolutely unromantic. No matter how busy he is, he must show his affection in some way.

As flight attendant Karishma Sahni, 25, shares, “All I ask is for some honest attention. I can’t know what he has in mind by looking at his face. He has to show it, and if required, prove it too.” We totally get you, Karishma.

So, what is the definition of being too unromantic? Let’s take a look:

  • He barely compliments you nor does he notice that you’ve taken the effort to dress up. It doesn’t really occur to him to praise the dish you specially made for him.
  • He doesn’t put much thought into the gifts he gets you on special occasions. He doesn’t bother to check on your favourite brands, your favourite colour, etc.
  • He probably lacks the creativity that a romantic mind has. As student Sanchi Mehta, 22, tells us, “My boyfriend supposedly gave me a surprise for my birthday. It was an Amazon gift card, just because he could not decide what I might like. How can someone call it a surprise?”
  • He feels awkward to even hold hands in public! Rashi Khurana, 27, a bank officer, shares, “My husband is simply too shy to stand beside me as a couple. He finds it too filmi.”
  • He doesn’t pamper you when you’re having a particularly bad day. It could be as simple as playing your favourite song or buying you dessert — anything that will make you smile. But if he doesn’t take the initiative, he’s simply too unromantic.

While it’s difficult to find time for romance these days, just tugging along the relationship is pointless.

If you feel your guy is unromantic, speak up. Let it not be ignored, as both of you deserve wholehearted love.

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