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Great Spots For A Coffee Date In Mumbai


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Great Spots For A Coffee Date In Mumbai

Sorry, we’re not ALL Starbucks fanatics here.

A couple of years ago, when Starbucks launched its first outlet in Mumbai, scores of people lined up outside as if finding a half-decent cup of coffee in the city is a task.

But any caffeine lover will tell you that it’s not always the chain outlets like Costa and Coffee Day that serve the best coffee. Besides, their ambience is hardly cozy or comfortable enough for a date.

Thankfully, though, the city has more than a few brilliant options to make up for it—and we’ve listed down some of the best ones for you:

Prithvi Cafe

Juhu’s hidden-yet-not-so-hidden gem is a favorite amongst many for a few reasons: low prices, great food and terrific Irish coffee!

The place is especially beautiful post dusk, and you can easily catch a play at the Prithvi Theatre after as well.

Our recommendation: Prithvi’s Famous Irish Coffee
Cost for two: Rs 500

Zen Cafe

It’ll take a while to find the place, but this vegetarian cafe serves one of the meanest coffees in the city. Cosy and comfortable, Zen Cafe’s warm and welcoming ambience and soft music make it perfect for a long conversation on a first date!

Our recommendation: They have a lot of options, but if you’re adventurous, try the Iced Nutella Latte!
Cost for two: Rs 1,000

Leaping Windows

A home-away-from-home is how we’d describe Leaping Windows. A cute little place with bean bags and comfortable seating, a nice, well-stacked library of books and comics that one can borrow for a read, and brilliant, homemade style coffee to go with that.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Our recommendation: Good, old-fashioned cold coffee
Cost for two: Rs 1,200

The Nutcracker 

This tiny cafe coupled with its popularity means that it is almost impossible to get a table at the Nutcracker.

But if you do manage to get a table, be prepared to be blown away. It’s perfect for a date—great ambience, good presentation and delicious coffee options, of course!

Our recommendation: Cafe Mocha. Also, we know this post is about coffees, but you must try their Belgian Hot Chocolate at some point!
Cost for two: Rs 1,000

Roadside Coffee

Being a Mumbaikar, there’s no way we could give this a miss. A filter coffee bought from a shady bootlegger on a random drive at 1am makes for some of the most memorable dates. You’re likely to bump into them at almost all of the city’s hottest outdoor spaces: Banstand, Carter Road, Marine Drive and Gateway, to name a few. 

And oh, the coffee isn’t half bad either!

Our recommendation: Whatever he has! They’re usually happy to add more coffee powder too, in case you like your coffee really strong.
Cost for two: Rs 50

Image source: Prithvi Theatre






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