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Every Break-Up Has A Silver Lining



Every Break-Up Has A Silver Lining

Tragic as it may seem, every break-up has a positive outcome. Not one, but five

Sometimes it may feel like the world is falling apart because you just had a break-up or worse, you broke up months ago but you’re still not over it! But our generation, the millennials, are not ones to cry over a dead relationship. In fact we now have Bollywood songs that celebrate breaking up too! And why not? Let bygones be bygones and be thankful to them for teaching you new life lessons.

Rahul Aggarwal, 21, a student of Pearl Academy had a break-up recently and he seems quite okay with it as he says, “It was not supposed to work out. We had different paths to follow. We had to part ways, today or tomorrow.” He sounds completely mature and practical while sharing his feelings. But we totally understand that no two people are the same–some of us need more time and convincing that things ended for the best. But trust us when we say that everything happens for a reason. Every break-up is an experience that can make you better and stronger. Here’s the good part about moving on:

1. You learn to forgive

Forgiving sounds easy but is not. You curse at first, then you cry. But if you choose to forgive in the end, it’s a lesson you have learnt for life, one which shows just how emotionally strong you are. And yes, you must forgive but not forget, because you definitely don’t want to repeat history and have another bitter relationship.

2. You learn to ignore what’s not important

When you breakup, you might see people poking you asking what happened, when, why, and a lot more that’s uncalled for. It’s none of their business and this is the next lesson you learn–turn a deaf ear to all the gossip and chatter that’s not important and start focusing on the people and things that are important.

3. You get to know what you want (and what you don’t)

For whatever reason the breakup happened, you now know what was lacking in the person involved with you. You now have a better idea of what you want and what you definitely don’t want! Shefali Sharma, 31, a PR professional recalls, “I had a breakup when I was doing my post graduation. At first, I thought I’m devastated. But surprisingly, the next day itself I was feeling relieved that I’m no more with the man I don’t like and is not my type.” Once you know what you want, welcome the change, accept the situation and move on rather than sticking to your past. As Neetika Girdhar, 28, a teacher of French language puts it, “My breakup story was short-lived. I was in complete acceptance of it and indeed wanted to move on. I had been long stuck in that relationship and wanted to move on.”

4. You look at life differently

For a short while after your breakup, you might feel this is the end. You learn gradually that it’s not. So, the next lesson is that no matter how big the problem is, there is always a solution. After the initial mourning, most people start getting out, meeting new people, rediscovering their hobbies, following their dreams whether career or fitness, and doing everything that they took for granted when they were in a relationship. (Also read: 10 Of The Best Small Joys In Life)

5. You find inner strength you never knew existed

Whether you have been depressed or locked in the room blaming yourself for whatever happened, you eventually come out of it no matter how long it takes. Yes, life moves on! And that’s when you start loving and respecting yourself even more. You find an inner strength that says, hey, you’re the best and better things are in store for you. This is what made you strong enough to move on. Bravo!

The wounds of a break-up may take time to heal but one thing’s for sure–they do. And as they heal, they leave you with important lessons and experiences which you’ll cherish for life.

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