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Anti-Valentine’s Day: Celebrate The Single Way



Anti-Valentine’s Day: Celebrate The Single Way

Quit being miserable and instead, celebrate the most important person in your life: yourself

First things first: this piece is not the virtual equivalent of fringe groups moral policing or berating you for celebrating the love you harbour for your significant other. No, we love the idea of love, so this piece is actually all about celebrating those of us who, as the millennial lingo goes, are single AF.

It’s for those of us who’re lonely enough to be smitten by this new internet sensation, and lonesome enough to gather in thousands to shout ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’ at AIB’s scheduled event.

What we’re saying is, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of Valentine’s Day. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to be selfish for once, indulge in some self-love, and celebrate the amazing person you are.

If you’re someone who’s looking to do just that, then well, this little guide should be of perfect help.

Pamper Yourself at Home

Start by taking the day off work. Indulge in a nice, long shower or a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles.

Or, well, don’t shower at all! Spend the day in bed binge-watching Netflix and gorging on pizza. Whatever works for you and helps you feel better, really. The focus needs to be on you — and pampering yourself is the first way to do that.

…Or Pamper Yourself Outdoors

Book yourself a spa day or go watch that movie you’ve been meaning to watch for a while. Or take yourself out to a fancy, fancy dinner featuring lots of wine!

Wear your favourite clothes and perfume, and get a haircut too, if you’re feeling adventurous. In short, be the best version of yourself, and one satisfying look in the mirror will be more fulfilling than a thousand mushy ‘I love yous’.

Celebrate Your Singlehood at Bars

This Valentine’s Day, a lot of restaurants and bars are hosting events for singles too.

For example, if you’re in Mumbai, BKC Dive has a singles event where you’re entitled to unlimited sangrias (Rs 299 for women, Rs 499 for men). Bombay Bronx has offers on LIIT, with the first drink free for women.

So do your research, find similar offers in your area, take some friends along, and you’re good to go.

Celebrate the Other Relationships in Your Life

Why does love have to be purely romantic? Love comes in many shapes and forms, and Valentine’s Day offers you the perfect opportunity to help these platonic relationships flourish.

So choose to spend the day with your family, your friends, and the people you’re really close to. Get dinner with them or even buy them gifts.

And oh, if you have a pet, why not make their day more special? Extra treats and cuddles for them — they love you unconditionally!

Make It All About Self-Growth

Love is all about growing as a person, so why not use Valentine’s Day to add a new feather to your hat? You could head to a new baking or a cooking class, learn how to paint, or simply try out a new salsa workshop — the options are limitless.

Who knows, you might meet someone there and find love after all?

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