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8 Types Of Tinder Creeps To Run From


8 Types Of Tinder Creeps To Run From

So you can find the right guys to run to!

If you’re reading this, we assume you’ve been bitten by the Tinder bug. It’s great to be able to find love on a dating app (hey, we’re millennials — we’re all about ’em apps). But while Tinder makes it easy to meet new guys, unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily filter out the creeps.

So dear Tinderella, you must take it upon yourself to left-swipe the guys who DM you without even getting to know you, or worse, send disgusting photos of their man parts.

Before you meet your Tinder Prince you might chance upon a couple of frogs! Just like these ladies did.

28-year-old journalist Anwesha Singh* recalls how a guy went from decent to disgusting in under a minute. “I once right-swiped this cute guy on Tinder. He was decent-looking, with barely any details on his bio. But as soon as we matched, his opening line was ‘you’re so freaking hot’, and he expressed his desire to have sex. I was aghast… blocked him that very instant.” (*name changed)

Another 24-year-old friend of ours showed us a profile she LOL-ed on. It was that of a guy dressed as Jon Snow. His bio was ‘themed’ around Game of Thrones and he described his manhood as being “hard as Valyrian steel”! Thankfully, she rejected him immediately.

Some men are just plain wrong, but what ’bout those who play it subtle and sly? If you’re not sure how to spot a creep, we’re here to help. Look out for these types:

1. Forever Shirtless

As much as we like a good bod, if all of his photos are shirtless, then chances are he’s a ‘your place or mine’ kinda dude. And a vain one at that.

2. Lost in the Crowd

If the guy only has group photos, you’re bound to get confused about who you’re matching with. In some cases, the account is operated by all of them. #CreepAlert.

3. Suggestive DP Dude

There are telltale signs on a guy’s profile that suggest he’s only looking for hook-ups and will never really call you. In case his bio doesn’t state “hook-ups only”, look out for explicit (read #NSFW) photos on his profile. And then swipe left.

4. The One with the Girlfriend

Umm, why is he even on the app? If you suspect a guy is already dating someone — going by those cuddly photos of him with another girl — you know what to do.

5. Mr Faceless

This is for real! You will chance upon men who don’t have a DP nor any info on their profile. No pictures, no description, absolutely nothing. Please stay away from them even if they’ve contacted you. It’s a no-brainer, really.

6. He Types Lyk Diz

In addition to being the ultimate turn-offs, men who write in weird shorthands are either fake AF or creeps of the highest order.

7. Too Good to be True

Young Sheldon’s brother taught us how one can convincingly lie by throwing in some details. That logic stands true for men on dating apps too. If the guy is trying way too hard to sell himself in the bio or otherwise, don’t buy it. Listen to your instinct.

8. Celebrity Doppelganger

If you spot a famous celeb’s face on Tinder, it probably isn’t him, y’know? Just swipe left.

Keep track of these red flags and sailing through Tinderland should be easy-breezy!

Have you encountered any creeps on Tinder? Share your tales in the comments below.

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar




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