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5 Book Date Ideas For The Couple Who Loves To Read

book date ideas


5 Book Date Ideas For The Couple Who Loves To Read

Found someone who knows their Shelley from their Keats? Here are five ideas to make your nerdy dates more fun

Dating — a social construct the average millennial willingly agrees to partake in because loneliness is something we all dread. Pessimism aside, dates actually work brilliantly if you want to get to know a potential love interest better, or simply rekindle some fires in your existing love life. If you’ve landed one with a fellow bookworm, here are five splendid ideas to make your nerdy date a little less generic, and a lot more fun.

1. Go On Bookstore Date

A bookstore date is ideally for those on their first date. Why? Because it’ll help you understand their taste in books better. Every literary section you cross will reveal something new — their favourite author, what they think about your favourite author, subjects covered, childhood memories, and other similar whatnots. It’s a splendid way to know how they feel and think, and in turn, know if it’ll lead to a second date! (Also Read: Bombay’s Best Book Cafes)

2. Host A Book Themed Dinner

Sakshi Desai, a 25-year-old engineer, says, “I have always been drawn to people who like reading as much as I do. A cosy book-themed dinner with someone a few dates in seems like a great way to know their tastes (pun intended) better. A relaxed evening indoors with dishes inspired from books we’ve both read and loved will help us bond, discuss new perspectives, and understand our minds better. Sure, it’s a little different from a conventional dinner date, but it sounds like so much fun!”

3. Write A Short Story About Each Other

“I definitely won’t judge him but considering he claims to be a bookworm, good grammar is a definite must!” claims Aekta Khubchandani, a 23-year-old spoken word poet and freelance writer. She adds, “A sense of imagination would be the icing on the cake, and if he can make me laugh — it can’t get any better, can it? I’ll feel like a cool cop trying to read between characters and the plot lines, as I try and figure out how he sees me. However, if he isn’t a writer, I wouldn’t expect much, lest I get disappointed. And as a writer, even if things don’t work out, I’ll at least go home with some new material I’ve written!”

4. Role Play As Your Favourite Characters

Kinky, we know, so this one’s obviously for those who’re sexually comfortable with each other. It’s pretty self-explanatory too, so if the idea tickles your pickle, why not give it a shot?

5. Order Some Pizza, Sip On Some Wine & Read To Each Other

A twist to the classic wine and pizza date, it could involve two of your favourite things: books, and pyjamas! Slip into something comfortable, cuddle with your partner, and read a book together — all of which is guaranteed to provide warm fuzzies. And honestly, could a date get any better than that?

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