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10 Relationship Terms Every Millennial Can Relate To


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10 Relationship Terms Every Millennial Can Relate To

We’ve got new ways to love and we’re using new relationship lingo too!

The millennial dating game is pretty hard to grasp and is nothing short of a conundrum. Back in the day it was all black and white, but with the advent of social media and dating apps, ‘ships these days are a big grey area!

As a result, our generation has coined new words that perfectly define the madness of modern relationships. How many of these are you familiar with?

1. Ghosting

It’s when all communication from your bae has suddenly ended, with no explanation whatsoever — one of the harshest forms of dumping, ouch!

2. Slow Fade

For those who realise that ghosting is simply too mean, a slow fade is a milder version of it. Has your bae stopped texting or calling as much as they used to? If yes, you might be in for a slow fade, my friend!

3. Benching

In sports, some players are on the team but asked to take the bench. Similarly in modern dating, if you’ve been benched, you are on standby. Get off the bench and find someone for whom you’re not just an ‘option’.

4. Fire-Dooring

Just like a fire-door can be opened only from one side, here, the relationship is a one-way thing, depending on one person’s needs and moods. If you’re putting in everything without it being reciprocated, you’ve hit the fire-door!

5. Zombieing

You know how that ex comes crawling back to you after dumping you in the first place? They’re pulling a zombie on you.

It’s like being socially haunted by a person who’s already dead to you — best avoided!

6. Cuffing Season

This term refers to the season when singles want to be with someone. Be it the wedding season, the festive season, New Year or Valentine’s Day, single peeps don’t want to be seen alone (on SnapChat or otherwise!) 

7. Non-Date Date

It’s a date which is not a date (because you’re probably already in a complicated relationship, or any such bizarre reason!).

So what is it? It’s a meet-up involving a lot of booze, heavy flirting, intense eye-contact, and basically everything that one does on a date — but let’s not call it a date, okay?

8. Stashing

Have you ever been with someone who simply refuses to introduce you to their friends? If yes, you are being stashed — because you’re probably just a temp in their lives, or because they’re fooling around. That’s a big red flag right there.

9. Monkeying

Just like a monkey jumps from one tree to another, here, one jumps from one relationship to another without any breaks. Whew… sounds tiring!

10. DTR

Almost every guy out there is afraid of the question: where’s this relationship going? But this phrase is passé. Sooner or later, bae’s gonna ask you to DTR — that is — define the relationship. Ready for it?

So there you have it; 10 weirdly useful words to add to your lingo and hopefully, make your love life a tad bit simpler!

Which of these words defines your relationship? Tell us in the comments below.

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