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Your Happiness: Your Priority



Your Happiness: Your Priority

Why get bogged down in others’ opinions?

Log kya kahenge? This phrase has killed more dreams than anything else in the world! Being worried about what others think of us is deeply ingrained in our culture.

We’ve been brought up in a society where other people’s opinion — be it your chacha or mama or someone you’re barely related to — is always taken into consideration.

As millennials, we claim to be in control of our own lives and make our own decisions. But honestly, we’re no different! We might not admit to it, but we do feel the need to be liked. Knowingly or unknowingly, we’re always seeking approval either on social media or at social gatherings.

As a result, we lose a sense of our true selves. What’s even worse is that we often end up doing what others expect us to — and not what we truly want to.

Budding writer Virat Pathak, 29, believes that we’re guilty of trying to create this perfect public image because we’re so concerned with others’ opinions.

We don’t want to be in anyone’s bad books, even if they don’t matter to us,” he says, adding that we always want people to say good things about us and “have a good image of us.”

Why the Insecurity?

I believe we judge ourselves more than people judge us! We always focus on how we are looked upon. We are afraid of the feeling of embarrassment and are too cautious about our failures. But why? Failures are indeed a learning process.

As college student Divya Jha, 22, expresses, “Why do we have to worry about what others think of us? I once read somewhere that even if you collect the best peaches from the garden, there will still be that one person who doesn’t like peaches! You can’t help it.

“The definition of being good is different for every individual. We may be good for some, and at the same time, not acceptable by others,” she adds. You can’t please everyone, so why waste your time trying to do so?

Do Opinions Matter?

To all of us who worry about others’ opinions — it’s important to bear in mind that opinions might not always be right or even relevant! Remember: hurt people often hurt people. Read that again.

A person who is hurt is often frustrated and angry, and is always finding faults with others. If you happen to come under their judgement, chances are you will end up getting hurt too.

People will criticise you, blame you, and make you believe in what they think. But, in the heart of hearts, you know your truth.

It’s your life — exercise your choices, focus on your happiness, and respect yourself enough to follow your own heart.

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A wife, a mother and a blogger and has gradually managed to handle all three together (though not without coffee). Shilpa is keen on pursuing her lost dream of becoming a writer. She likes to eat and wants to reduce at the same time.

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