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Why We’ve Lost Our Manners



Why We’ve Lost Our Manners

Words like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ don’t come naturally to us

Observe social interactions around you for a couple of weeks and you will notice a disturbing trend: in general, our generation has lost the art of being polite. Let’s try and figure out what has led to this lack of manners.

Technology Is Largely Responsible

Most of us communicate with each other via our devices, not in person – and this could be making us ruder.

When we use social media and messaging apps to stay in touch with each other, we get to decide when we want to initiate and end a conversation. Sounds harmless, right?

What about when we pretend to have not seen someone’s message, or worse, disappear mid-conversation without a good reason?

Now imagine behaving like this with someone in person – pretty rude, right?

So while technology is amazing and all that, it has surely made our interactions unacceptably casual to the point of being rude.

Why, even trolling has become a popular pastime! As 22-year-old Mumbai-based blogger, Sumit Yadav, says, “Today’s generation has become so obsessed with their phones and virtual conversations that they have actually forgotten about the real world.

“Young people need to talk about work, art, ideas, etc. in a humane manner. Online or offline, being polite and respectful is a huge part of being human.”

No Time for Pleasantries

Until recently, rudeness was not considered an attribute of a decent person. Today, it is pretty much socially accepted, even celebrated.

Take for instance, reality TV shows: the more potty-mouthed a contestant, the more popular he or she becomes.

Of course, it is entertaining to watch (staged?) drama, but what message are we sending to our young people? That in order to become successful, one must keep their manners aside, play dirty, and have loose lips?

Pune-based dentist mom Humerah Inamdar, 30, sums it up perfectly. “Swearing and dissing someone is completely unacceptable, yet more and more celebrities and public figures are doing it. Sadly, this is wrongly termed self-expression.

“One can stand up for themselves without resorting to mudslinging and name-calling. The result might not be so ‘entertaining’, but it is the price we must pay if we want to live in a civilised society. We cannot tell our kids to behave themselves if we are not doing so in the first place.”

These are the prime reasons why we think our millennial generation has become impolite and irreverent. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mahevash Shaikh is the twenty-something author of Busting Clichés. She loves to write, draw and laugh (among other things). You can find her using words and pictures to express herself and redefine the word "normal" at

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