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This Potato Has 10 Important Life Lessons For Millennials



This Potato Has 10 Important Life Lessons For Millennials

Seeking some off-the-book wisdom? Take it from a wise potato

Ah, inner peace… remember how our favourite panda, Po, found peace and defeated the invincible Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2? Now, if only we could get all wise and peaceful and take over the world!

Our generation is on a constant lookout for wisecracks in Old Nan’s fables. But how about gulping down some truth potions from a potato?

That’s right — we’re talking about the Truth Potato, who’s full of inner wisdom about life. Because sometimes, it’s the simplest of things that can leave a big impact on us.

Here are 10 life lessons to learn from the Truth Potato:

1. No Pleasing!

Your happiness, content, and peace of mind comes first. Then you may worry about others’ opinions. You know what they say — you can’t please everyone, and you don’t even have to.

2. Nobody Owes You Anything

Nor do you owe anything to anybodySo stop trying to seek justifications in someone else’s actions or beating yourself up about why a plan didn’t go a certain way.

3. You’re On Your Own

There might be just a handful, who genuinely care for you. But others wouldn’t lose a second’s sleep over your life’s problems. As a millennial, it’s important you start taking charge of your own life. The pay-off? You get to live life on your own terms!

4. Be Fearless

Once you overcome your fears, half the battle is won. Be it academics, life in general, your job, or you wanting to ask someone out, leave that fear lying at the doormat.

5. Be Unique

You are one of a kind and there ain’t nobody like you. Cherish your uniquenessAnd once you start doing that, your insecurities (if you have any) will spiral all the way down to no-where-near-you-land.

6. En route: Life!

The end destination is the same, we just take different paths in our respective journeys called life. Didn’t you hear?  Death is the only constant!

7. Be Imperfectly Perfect

Stop trying to make everything perfect. It’s just a state. Appreciate the beauty of your imperfections and accept yourself simply the way you are. Insecurities creep into our lives easily, but we can rid them off by embracing our true selves, the imperfect one.

8. If Tomorrow Never Comes?

In the race for a better future, never forget to live in the present. Yes, our responsibilities have doubled. But live each day, value each moment, kya pata kal ho nah ho?

9. Success After Failure Tastes Better

Failure is a better teacher than success. So don’t let failure bring you down. C’mon, it’s only when you fall do you get a chance to rise up again.

10. No Action, No Result

You might have a great idea, but it’s absolutely useless if you don’t get off the couch and implement it. You gotta make a plan, focus, and put in the work! That’s the biggest truth about success, right?

Nobody said it was easy. It will be hard. But make the most of each moment that unfurls, good or bad. After all, you have only one life.

Image Credit: Truth Potato




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