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The Mind Of An Atheist



The Mind Of An Atheist

Why some people refuse to believe

“Yes, I’m an atheist and I have no qualms about it,” says Amrit (name changed), a 30-year-old entrepreneur. For those who didn’t know, atheism is a concept associated with a lack of belief in god or any godlike deity. What makes some people strongly disagree with god, while a big part of world actually believes in a higher being? Read on to understand this, from the point of view of an atheist.

Amrit turned to atheism since he learned what it actually takes to survive in this world. His belief or in this case, disbelief grew stronger since he started to understand ways of life. In his words, “I am not against any religion. But I’m also not a believer. I don’t come in the way of your worship and I expect that you don’t force me to be like you.” Sounds fair. He goes on to say, “When someone will give me answers to—why a bus going to religious shrine meets with an accident with no survivals? Or why religion is the birth giver of hatred and discrimination? Why people kill in the name of religion? Or why a year-old child gets cancer, only then I might think of choosing a religion for myself. I might.”

What about other non-believers? What draws them to atheism? A life tragedy, an observation or simply one’s choice?

Amrit tells us that his mother usually asked him to visit the temple, attend house pujas and be god-fearing. Amrit asked, “Why? For whom? When science progresses, some million billion years from now, the new generation might talk about us as blind followers. Just the way we think about our ancestors for devoting themselves to trees, water, sun etc. considering them as gods.”

People back in the ages were afraid of lightning and eclipses, just like people are now afraid of god. To us, lightening and eclipses are nothing to be afraid of because we understand what they are and why they happen. Our future generation might think of us in the same way about our belief in god.

As for Amrit, he didn’t sound angry or driven away at all while saying, “Isn’t it absurd that we keep having faith even after unlimited agonies, failures and calamities in our lives? I don’t understand when people say, there must be some good in this too, or, god must have had better things planned ahead for you. On one hand, god asks you to do good, and when you do it, he asks you for more. Till how long do we have to prove ourselves?”

Let’s talk about karma now, which is definitely related to god’s presence (at least in my opinion). It is said that your karmas decide your destiny. So, all the billionaires in the world are pure souls? As Amrit exclaims, “I can make a big list of those who aren’t even the slightest. Or even those who are good people, but are going through hell!” It seems like there’s no logic or formula to how god operates, right?

Amrit strongly believes in science because it’s science that cures a person from deadly diseases. He believes in logic because it’s logic that saves the crow from dying of thirst (imagine if he had just prayed and not used his brains). He is a strong supporter of adhering to practicality in life that encourages one to see through reality and not follow anything blindly.

He adds, “In life, people and things are either black or white. It’s religion that makes them cover themselves in the shades of grey.”

I’m totally moved by his ideology and rather confused. He didn’t sound like a pessimist but a realist. He is a believer of love, of humanity and of morals. Well, all religions try to preach the same, but his ideas are ‘without the need of a god’.

The debate between believers and atheists is unending, but so long as they coexist peacefully, god must be happy (if he exists).

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