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The Importance Of Slow Living



The Importance Of Slow Living

Hitting the pause button on life can be more therapeutic than you might imagine.


Life is all about living in the fast lane; time is passing you by and every second counts, right?

The daily lifestyle of the average millennial is defined by pace. There’s so much to do and so little time. We start racing on Monday morning — there are deadlines to stick to, lunch meetings, quick dates at the new cafe in town, cocktails at the bar (to apparently shake off work fatigue), more deadlines, last-minute crises, more drinks and to-do lists.

Then there’s Friday—TGIF!—when you run from work to that party you waited all week for, trudge through family and friends on hungover Saturdays, before heading to another all-nighter.

On Sunday, there’s household cleaning, that is if you can get yourself to wake up. Before you know it, here comes Monday again.

Are you exhausted reading this? You should be, as I am tired just thinking about it. We’ve all done it — spent our nights in offices, ran late from one appointment to another, lived on fast-food, binged on perk-me-up pegs, and sleepwalked through weekends hoping the next week will be, by some miracle, easier.

But it never does. Because we’re trying too hard—fed on endless information about doing well at work, having a perfect life outside the office, great friends, enough love, a Pinterest-worthy home, and the need for a life worth the envy of your few thousand Instagram followers. The world is full of possibilities, but we are so busy trying to grasp everything within our reach that we hardly ever experience all that we are doing to their fullest potential.

Studies show that we are a generation increasingly prone to stress, anxiety, alienation, exhaustion and a host of physical and mental ailments that stem from a single source. We are hurtling at breakneck speed, and, quite frankly, it’s almost killing us.

At some point, say no to more work and skip a few of the parties, no matter how amazing they seem. There’s great value in the simple pleasures of life. Skip the fast-food takeaways and cook lunch with your spouse. Spend the day gardening with your parents or indulge in some weekend DIY for the home. Spend an afternoon in bed with your pet watching an old, favorite movie. Set aside just a few hours every day to breathe and do all the things you like at your own pace, whether it’s reading, meditating, or tending to your kitchen garden.

When you need a longer holiday, don’t make work a reason to not opt for it. And don’t choose a trip that promises to show you seven cities in five days. Rather, check out a mountainous homestay, take a yoga holiday or make an itinerary that involves soaking in the sights and sound of the place rather than running from one place to another. Your Facebook travel album can wait.

Taking things slowly may seem boring at first, but in the long run, you will feel less tired and more upbeat. The hours may seem longer, but you will find that a slower pace gives you the time to experience everything to the fullest.

Fast living can be seductive, but it might be time to give the roadrunner life philosophy a break, and try the tortoise approach instead. Remember the old saying, slow and steady wins the race? Sometimes, it really does.



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